The Best Chore Apps for Kids

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If you’re looking for a tool to raise responsible kids, chore apps for kids would be a great option. Plenty of these have now flocked the market, and it’s hard to find the best fit. You not only need an app that offers incentives to your kids but also teaches them about discipline, responsibility, savings, and spending.

Before we explore the best apps for kids, let’s understand these apps.

What is a Chore App?

It is simply a digital version of your chore chart with all tasks for your kids. The apps are geared toward kids, motivating them with instant points and money. Besides, your household runs smoothly since everyone has an ongoing to-do list.

Best Chore Apps for Kids

The first thing in finding the best chore app for your kids is to know what motivates them. There are apps offering allowance right away and others with digital prizes. Besides knowing your kids’ interests, consider your own needs.

Whatever your interests, we have a list of chore apps that meet high expectations, and I’m sure you’ll find them perfect for your family setting.

  1. OurHome App

OurHome has become a darling for many households mainly due to its simplicity on Android and iOS devices. The app lets you list all the tasks for that day assigning points to each.

The kids should then refer to the app and mark each chore they complete to earn points. OurHome app also comes with a shared calendar and grocery list to let everyone know their activities for every day and what to collect from the store.

  1. Homey

Homey is a great option that ties your kids’ accomplishments to earnings. The app seeks to teach kids about the value of money by setting different goals for each task. As your child accomplishes a mission on Homey app, they accumulate their earnings which you pay regularly. This way, your kids will be responsible for serving their financial goals.

  1. Chore Pad

Chore Pad takes the design of a traditional chore chart to enhance user experience. What makes Chore Pad unique is its customization and design options. Your kids have the liberty to customize their chart from the more than 100 chore icons available. Besides, they can easily insert their own images to track each other’s progress.

  1. Bear in Mind

If your kids need a little push to finish their chores, Bear in Mind will provide enough motivation. The app has a reminder to send push notifications to your kid’s device to keep them on track. Simply outline the chores, timeline, and sequence, and the Bear in Mind app will take over. Your kids can swipe the job away after they finish it, and the next one will appear immediately, leaving no room for time wastage.

While the guarantee of your kids accomplishing all the chores depends on many factors, these handy chores will help them keep track of all tasks. So, it would help to consider their interests and motivations when deciding on a chore app.

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