5 Ways to Make Money Copywriting in 2022 (& Beyond)

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If the written word is your passion, then the creative process of copywriting should be your thing. Now that remoting working has become a norm, there wouldn’t be a better time to build a writing portfolio and achieve your financial goals. Simply master a few powerful skillsets and apply for countless chances to make good money for the foreseeable future.

Here are five copywriting ideas you need to try out.

  1. Business Writing

You can gain a lot through business writing if you know how to create effective formal information. Business copywriters write the product descriptions on every item at the store. You, too, can get paid to write category pages, reviews, or product descriptions as a B2B or eCommerce writer.

  1. Advertisement

Ads have been around for some time now and are going nowhere. In fact, writing for advertisements is the traditional copywriting route. Advertisement copywriters draft the ads you see on YouTube, Twitch, or TV. They plan each audio and catchphrase to appear in the advertisement.

With multiple social media platforms comes a broader scope of writing jobs. Advertisement writing falls under digital marketing, making you a valuable asset for any business seeking to increase website traffic.

  1. Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, you write to entertain, inform or educate without the high-pressure “salesy” approach. In addition to providing relevant and valuable information to the audience, implement SEO in your articles and blogs to rank higher on search engines.

Simply master the art of content marketing with quality information and connect with millions of people globally. An engaging, valuable, and relevant piece will build trust between you and the audience and give you an upper hand among competitors.

  1. Email Writing

Your email inbox probably has dozens, if not hundreds, of email writings. Unlike content marketing, email writing is simple, and you can master it in days. Businesses need copywriters for email newsletters to maintain customers and attract new ones. These newsletters go to different sectors including justice system, banking, and health.

Since businesses must communicate with existing and prospective clients, demand for email copywriters is guaranteed. As a result, you get a consistent income as a copywriter for one or several businesses.

  1. Technical Copywriting

As the name suggests, this form of writing involves heavy content describing complex concepts and terms in science and technology. The technical writers’ ability to use simplified words to explain concepts makes them educators and marketers. The technical content will reach a broad audience and make profit if it implements research and expert communication skills. Examples of technical content include guides, manuals, business brochures, and other marketing material.

There is always a career for copywriters to experiment, no matter their skill level. The numerous options mean you can shift focus if you’re unhappy with one form of writing. The most important thing is establishing what you’re most passionate about. The five options discussed above will direct you in the right direction.  

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