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Poshmark started in 2011 to help sell gently used accessories, shoes, clothes, and household goods. This was the same time new digital payment tools launched, helping eCommerce rapidly pick up speed. Today, the platform has grown to over 80 million users, becoming one of the most popular online marketplaces.

Our review covers everything from transactions, benefits, negatives, and tips for wise maneuver. 

Buying Experience on Poshmark

Buying on Poshmark helps you save money, replace worn items, and find unique items. The price tag is not final as the “make an offer” button lets you bargain the price with sellers. Also, Poshmark offers deeper shipping discounts than Mercari and eBay. Above all benefits, the “buyer protection” feature leaves only you to decide whether the platform can release the money to the seller, giving you 3 business days to scrutinize the item and raise the alarm if necessary.

Negatives As a Buyer

Like any other online marketplace, buyers at Poshmark struggle with counterfeit items, hefty taxes, slow shipping, and unresponsive sellers. It’s always wise to do due diligence, especially when buying high-end items. The lack of efficient customer service is the major setback at Poshmark. You can only reach support through email, and you know how painful it can be waiting for hours for a response.

Tips For a Better Buyer Experience

Know your brands and favorite items if you want a positive buying experience at Poshmark. This way, you won’t fall prey to scammers selling counterfeit goods. Also, take advantage of discounts when you like favorite items or bundle them together. The most important thing is to understand Postmark’s guidelines, so you don’t incur losses.

Selling on Poshmark

When you sell on the platform, you earn extra money for unused items in your house. You can list as many items as you have on the simple interface that makes listing quick and easy. Besides, Poshmark incorporates promotional features to help you find matching buyers and strike a deal. Every successful sale you make on the platform brings you closer to becoming a Poshmark ambassador, a status that proves you are a reliable seller.

Negatives For a Seller

In addition to buyer scams, time-consumption, and competitive pricing challenges of any online marketplace, sellers on Poshmark feel the wrath of the high commissions charged on the platform. It charges about $3 for items below $15 and 20% of those above. However, the platform lacks first-class commercial service shipping that would see sellers with items under 1 lb pay less than they do.

Tips for a Better Seller Experience

Knowing all the platform guidelines places you on the safer side, but it’s also important to perform due diligence when dealing with a buyer or selling high-end items. The quality of your listing and participation in the social aspect of Poshmark will most likely boost the buyer’s confidence in you. Growing your sales at Poshmark requires determination and persistence for several months. You’ll come across comments and negative reviews about the platform, but you’ll have good experiences most of your time. Despite the cons to sellers and buyers, Poshmark remains a great online marketplace.

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