Huntington Bank Review 2022

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Pelatiah Webster “P.W.” Huntington started the Huntington Bank in 1886 in Midwest Ohio. Today, the bank operates more than a thousand branches in Wisconsin, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, and Ohio. It also has an online functionality that makes it easy to apply for an account even if you live outside these regions.

Huntington offers several financial services, including savings and checking accounts, wealth management, and loans. These services are accessible through the website and the Android and iPhone apps.

Huntington bank accounts are classified into Money Market, Checking, DCs, and Savings. The rates across all branches may vary by location, so this review will use rates provided by Columbus, Ohio’s headquarters.

Huntington Bank Checking Accounts

  1. Asterisk-Free Checking

Asterisk-Free Checking account bears no interest and requires no minimum deposit or monthly fee. It is a perfect no-frills, no-fee account.

  1. Huntington 5 Checking

Clients with the 5 Checking interest-bearing account enjoy credit score monitoring, family banking, and a 1.05% bonus. Notably, Huntington bank charges a $5 monthly fee for people with below $5,000 balances. Hitting this savings mark would see the $5 and five other ATM fees in every banking cycle waived.

  1. Huntington 25 Checking

Interest rates in Huntington 5 Checking and Huntington 25 Checking accounts vary with your location. The latter comes with a 1.25% Voice Credit Card bonus, unlimited free checks, identity monitoring, and discounts on loans. Huntington 25 Checking account also waives the $25 monthly fee to clients with $25,000 or more in balances.

Huntington Savings Accounts

  1. Relationship Money Market Account

This account charges a $25 monthly fee for customers with less than $25,000 daily balance. You can also evade the fee if you open a Huntington 25 or Huntington 5 Checking Account. Relationship Money Market Account balances between $25,000 and $2,000,000 earn a 0.40% APY for the first three months, which then drops to 0.25%.

  1. Huntington Relationship Savings

This account earns higher interest when you have a private Client Account, Huntington 25, or 5 checking Accounts. Having these other accounts also helps waiver the $10 monthly fee charged from people with less than $2,500 in daily balance.

  1. Huntington Premier Savings

The Premier Savings account pays 0.02% APY, but you need a minimum deposit of $50 to open one and at least $300 in daily balance to evade the $4 monthly fee. You’ll also be off the monthly fee hook if you have an Asterisk-Free Checking Account.

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Huntington Bank offers CDs in denominations of $1,000 for IRA accounts and regular depositors. It structures the interest rates based on account balances. Terms for accounts with less than $100,000 range from 1 month to 6 years, while those exceeding the amount have a term range of a week to 5 years. Both categories have yields ranging from 0.01% to 0.25%. Huntington Bank is worth considering if you’re looking for a bank offering numerous accounts and services. Its hundreds of branch locations provide convenient support and access to your finances. Visit the bank’s website for insightful blogs and tips on the best deals.

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