12 Best Business Checking Accounts

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How you handle your finances is a crucial consideration when running a business. Between managing payments, tracking inventory, and generating invoices, today’s business owners need an advanced checking account.

We’ve narrowed your search and reviewed a dozen readily available business checking accounts with personal and digital access. We considered crucial factors, including interest rates, payment flexibility, and invoicing support, before arriving at the list of options provided below.

  1. BlueVine

This checking account has well-rounded options for different business settings. Besides, BlueVine’s simple and quick application process ensures you join an account with a decent interest rate, loans, and free bill payments.

  1. Novo Business Checking Account

Novo is mainly adored for its simple application process and easy-to-use platform. All these make it easy for you to make payments through a secure mobile app compatible on any smartphone. 

  1. Kabbage

Kabbage adopts a unique style of business banking by requiring no minimum balance in your account and removing restrictions on daily transactions. Opening a Kabbage account would integrate your financial plans with other Kabbage services.

  1. Capital One

Capital One has been around for some time, but it blows competitors out of the water with its straightforward interface and simple processes. Besides, it has the Unlimited business bank account option for businesses with complex finances.

  1. Bank of America

The trust and approval of Bank of America among clients contributed to its addition to this list. The bank has an option for small and large businesses, but the fee structure may be too high for beginners.

  1. Axos

If you want a purely online checking account for small or large businesses, Axos bank is for you. It is a bank in its own right but with no physical locations.

  1. Lili

Opening a Lili checking account would be a great idea if you’re operating a small business or are self-employed. Among other features for small businesses, Lili offers free online bill payments.

  1. US Bank

Unlike other competitors on this list, US Bank provides a Silver checking account with a monthly fee rather than a transaction fee. This will help if your business conducts numerous transactions within a month.

  1. Oxygen

Oxygen is another online-only option that offers free and paid business checking accounts. The paid checking option charges a fixed fee annually regardless of transactions you make.

  1. Chase Business

Chase is your go-to bank if you want a traditional account where you can deposit cash. With its vast network of branches and massive ATM network, this forms a good option in most states.

  1. Relay

Opening a Relay checking account will help you understand your income, spending, and savings for informed business decisions. You don’t need any deposits to open an account, and Relay charges $0 monthly fees.

  1. Mercury

Mercury‘s main objective is to help startups of all sizes develop and become great companies. You can apply for a business checking account within minutes and take advantage of the numerous offers and features. Your choice of checking account can make or break your business. However, the list provided here gives you more control over what fits your setting.

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