7 Companies Offering $100 to $15,000 Sign-On Bonuses

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The currently tight labor market is forcing companies to do whatever they can to counter staff shortages and acquire the best talents available. As a result, many employers have established lucrative employee benefits in addition to increased pay. Common benefits include work-from-home opportunities and a flexible work schedule. 

As if that’s not enough, some companies have gone the extra mile and offered new hires immediate cash once they sign on. Yes, you earn immediately after accepting the job offered by the said companies. For example, McDonald’s gives you at least $300 when you become a shift manager, while United Airlines is ready to part with up to $10,000 as a sign-on bonus for new baggage handlers. 

Apparently, the hiring bonuses vary with the corporation, and they may change with time. So, you better make hay when the sun shines and try your luck at any of these corporations offering big money for simply accepting their job offer. Luckily, we’ve compiled the companies we recently found to provide good sign-on bonuses. Read on to find out if there’s something for you. 

Companies offering Sign-on Bonus

Given our audience’s different qualifications and passions, we’ve included a wide range of niches to ensure that we address as many interests as possible. Therefore, the list below includes companies seeking expertise in communication, hospitality, etc.

  1. United Airlines

Commonly referred to as United, the company handles domestic and international flights and ranks as the third-largest airline in the world. Currently, the airline has set specific signup bonuses for most of its available slots, including the subordinate positions. If you’d like to become a part-time baggage handler, aircraft maintenance technician, or facility maintenance technician, a $10,000 sign-on bonus is waiting for you. Signing up for the job allows you to travel for free and grow your career. 

  1. Sysco

Sysco stands for Systems and Services Company, a leading business in food service with domestic and international locations. The multinational corporation mainly handles marketing services while distributing food-related services and equipment. The company now needs people to join the team and has allocated special sign-on bonuses for the willing. Sysco’s career page offers a $7,500 sign-on bonus for anyone willing to join as a warehouse selector with no experience requirement. There’s also a $15,000 bonus for CDL delivery drivers. 

  1. AT&T

The Texas-based multinational telecommunication company is the largest telecommunication firm by revenue and among the top 13 US corporations. Positions are always available at this communication giant, and most come with lucrative sign-on bonuses. For example, you earn at least $5,000 in bonuses when you become an installation technician and $3,000 as a call center sales and customer service rep. AT&T also has other positions offering north of $10,000. 

  1. Amazon

We don’t need to explain what Amazon is. The retail giant is still recording growth, which means that talent demand is also swelling. Today, Amazon has hundreds of available slots accompanied by sign-on bonuses within the 1,000 and 3,000 range. Most of the opportunities offering this money include working as a delivery station warehouse associate and air associate. 

  1. McDonald’s

The popular fast-food chain also has something for you if you want to join their team. In fact, working for the Golden Arches is something you should consider if you want to make fast cash for free. You can earn around $300 on sign-on as a morning prep team member, maintenance crew, shift manager, or department manager. 

  1. Wegmans

Wegman is a grocery store chain with more than a hundred locations in the country. Notably, most of these stores are concentrated in the northeast, but you can still find a good number near you. Wegmans is offering around $1,500 in sign-on bonuses for different positions, including warehouse order selector and distribution associate. Moreover, applicants with CDL can receive up to $10,000 for any position that the qualification applies. That does not mean you’re unlucky if you don’t have the CDL. Instead, try out the overnight associate or the overnight stocker positions with $500 and $750 sign-on bonuses, respectively. 

  1. Alaska Air

As United discussed above, Alaska Airlines is among the top ten airlines in North America and has its headquarters in Washington. Like United, Alaska Air offers lucrative sign-on bonuses for many open positions. If you want to become a warehouse agent at the airline, you will receive a $1,000 sign-on bonus. Alaska Air also offers up to $2,500 in sign-on bonuses for customer and ground service agent positions. 

Earn Through Sign-on Bonuses

Now you have every reason to leverage your skills and make fast cash by signing on for the positions discussed above. Note that we’ve covered large corporations, meaning that the sign-on bonuses might be the icing on the cake; these companies offer some of the best benefits to their employees. Check out other ways to make money based on your preferences.

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