20 Ways to Make Extra Cash for Christmas

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If you have insufficient cash to sustain you this Christmas season, you can still close the gap. Whether the money you set aside for this season seems insufficient or you don’t have a sinking fund at all, you can still increase your income and savings within the remaining days. 

While it’s strongly recommended that you set aside a fraction of your monthly income for Birthdays and Christmas, you have nothing to fret about if you have yet to achieve it this time. We have a few gigs and bonuses to win online and make a difference in your account. Be sure to create an account next year, though!

Understandably, adding extra Christmas savings on top of a tight budget is dreadful and racking up more debt isn’t an option here. 

But surely, you need gifts for your kids, parents, best friend, or co-worker that will last till New Year. Other expenses include Christmas trees, outfits, food, and more. 

Whatever your situation, you will likely spend more for Christmas, and it’s important to be ready. The long-term solution involves setting up a sinking fund account and servicing it regularly. The short-term remedy is side hustles that you can apply now and make extra money for Christmas.

Side Jobs That Will Help You Make Extra Money for Christmas

Earning through a side hustle means that you won’t have to worry about your fixed daily routine. There’s something for you on this list, even if you have less than 5 hours a week. We’ve done the hard part for you and included only the genuine options to help you rake in the dough without interfering with your work-life balance. 

  1. Take Online Surveys: You can start earning today by sharing your opinion about a topic or product. 
  2. Sell Used DVDs: These sites will help you sell all your used DVDs online and locally and boost your Christmas funding. 
  3. Become a Mystery Shopper: Companies will pay you to conduct surprise shopping at your preferred shops and hotels and provide feedback on services or products. 
  4. Keep Fit: Enroll on these sites and earn whenever you record a decrease in weight. 
  5. Copywriting: Copywriting will not only help you during Christmas, but it can become an additional income source beyond 2022
  6. Get Paid to Text: It’s the simplest way to boost your Christmas savings and make more than $100 weekly
  7. Sell Video Games: If you replaced an old video game with a high-end version, earn decent cash on these sites filled with people who need the old one.   
  8. Sell Stuff Online: If you have other items decluttering your home, sell them on these sites and make money for the upcoming Christmas season.
  9. Cash App Games: Play these cash app games in your free time and win money you can use for Christmas presents and d├ęcor. 
  10. 10.Claim Sign-On Bonuses: Earn a sign-on bonus of up to $15,000 from these companies and receive it instantly.  
  11. 11.Read Books: Booksellers offer cash back and bonuses when you buy books from them. Similarly, you can read your favorite books and make extra money for your Christmas holiday. 
  12. 12.Virtual Assistant: These virtual assistant jobs bring in extra money when you help companies complete simple tasks. 
  13. 13.Freelancing: Choose one or a couple of these 20 freelance jobs currently in high demand, and you won’t have to worry about Christmas expenses.
  14. 14.Create a New Bank Account: Look out for any bank offering cash bonuses when you open an account. 
  15. 15.House sitter: Sites like Facebook, NextDoor, and Housesitter.com are filled with people willing to pay you to stay at their homes when they travel for the Christmas season. 
  16. 16.Photography: Taking pictures and selling your services during Christmas can be a quick way to make extra money. 
  17. 17.Sell Bites: If you know your way around delectable bites and sweet treats, you can make profits around the upcoming holiday season. 
  18. 18.Babysit: Many people will happily pay for childcare when they’re out for Christmas. 
  19. 19.Petsitting: Companies like Rover connect pet owners to pet sitters. This is another easy option for you to earn while enjoying the holiday in style.  
  20. 20.Get Paid to Deliver Food: Sign up on DoorDash to deliver food with your bicycle, scooter, or car.

From decluttering your home to selling your skills and services, there are plenty of ways to guarantee a magical Christmas holiday. Remember to cut discretionary spending and save money in your budget, too. Such a strategic combination would save hundreds of dollars by Christmas eve.

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