20 Websites to Sell Stuff Online & Locally for Fast Cash

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Sometimes it’s best to sell stuff locally for fast cash and avoid shipping costs. So, if you have a new product that you want to sell online or just want to declutter your home, we have a comprehensive list of reputable online shops. These are established sites with plenty of buyers locally and internationally.

Sell Stuff on These Websites for Fast Cash

  1. eBay

With over 100 million active buyers, there’s a reason why eBay is still one of the favorite resale sites among buyers and sellers. This auction site lets you set up your profile, take photos of your items, and set price and shipping rules.

  1. BuybackBoss

If you have an old phone lying around somewhere, consider selling it on BuybackBoss. The site is flocked with buyers looking for old phones at lower prices. So, you can turn that used phone in your home into fast cash.

  1. OC Buyback

OC Buyback is the perfect place to sell your used GoPro, AppleTV, Smartwatch, tablet, or iPod. If you have an old phone, compare the prices with Buybackboss for the highest price guarantee.

  1. Decluttr

If you have other electronics besides Smartwatches and phones, Decluttr is one of the best ways to get rid of them. Simply download the app through for a quick evaluation of your item and suitable quote.

  1. Mercari

Mercari is one of the best-used clothes-selling online platforms. Here you can sell kids, men’s, or women’s outfits and accessories from small to big brands. It doesn’t charge listing fees, but you must pay a 10% commission on every sale.

  1. ThredUP

If you want the fuss that comes with taking photos, negotiating, and shipping, then ThredUP is for you. The process is easy as 1,2,3. The company sends you a mailing bag and label; you’ll only need to send your stuff to them, and they’ll handle the rest.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

If you prefer selling your items locally where there’s little stress over shipping, then Facebook Marketplace is a good platform. The platform is free to list your items, list your price, and negotiate delivery.

  1. Tradesy

As a seller at Tradesy, you create a list of all products, uploads photos, and sets prices. You also pay a commission of $7.50 for items under $50 and 19.8% for those over $50. Buyers should also pay upfront for the shipping costs.

  1. Bonanza

Bonanza lets you sell unique items from handmade, vintage, beauty, collectibles, art, clothing, jewelry, home accessories, and more. The good thing with Bonanza is that there are no listing or seller fees.

  1. The RealDeal

The RealDeal is really the real deal when you want to sell stufffrom big labels like Gucci. It is considered a second-hand luxury clothes-selling platform with an extensive customer base of about 20 million worldwide.

  1. Etsy

Since 2005, Etsy has become one of the leading marketplaces for artisans and handmade item sellers. The site also allows the sale of Vintage items, provided they are over 20 years old. Etsy has strict rules about what you can sell, so make sure you get the details right before listing your items.

  1. Poshmark

Buyers on Poshmark will negotiate based on your price, but the good thing is that the platform charges an upfront shipping fee of $7.45, no matter the size of the parcel. The site only takes a flat fee of 20% on each sale, and the rest of the funds are released automatically.

  1. eBid

At eBid you can sell anything from used stuff to new items, including baby stuff, electronics, art, décor, sporting items, clothing, and anything else you might think of. Take advantage of the lifetime selling fee of $99.98 and sell forever.

  1. OfferUp

If you prefer selling items locally, consider OfferUp to take your business to the next level. The best thing about OfferUp is that it has no listing or seller fees, and you can set the rules such as shipping fees, delivery time, and sales location.

  1. Depop

Depop lets you create a custom virtual store with a logo, contacts, and a personalized description of what you are selling. Listing is free on the platform, but you’ll have to pay a 10% commission on each sale.

  1. Kidizen

At Kidizen, you can sell everything about kids from toys, clothes, and other accessories. You will need to set up your store, take photos of what you are selling, write descriptions, and set your prices. Kidizen charges a 12% listing fee and a $0.50 marketplace fee.

  1. Shopify

Shopify recently surpassed the 2.5 million online stores thanks to its soaring popularity. The subscription-based software lets you open an online store and earn fast cash asap.

  1. Big Commerce

Big Commerce is also a popular platform that allows online and physical stores for your products and services. Visit the site and be one of the thousands of account owners already making extra money.

  1. 5miles

5miles will help you transact with people within 5 miles from your location. Similarly, 5miles enables selling and buying at a broader range to reach as many buyers and sellers as possible. Just like other sites, listing and trading on 5miles is free.

  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor connects you with your next-door neighbors and presents offers for stuff you no longer need. Simply, create a profile and post photos of your items for free.

Sell Stuff Online

There are countless options for you to sell all your stuff online. You can sell anything on these sites, from clothes to old phones, to electronics. Just check whether you have money sitting in your house in the form of stuff.

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