6 Legit Ways to Score Free Cash

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With the high inflation and the looming recession, you need to keep your accounts in check, especially if you rely purely on your paycheck. If you need to lower financial stress and boost your budget, the basic options are cutting back on expenses and earning extra money.

While there are many ways to earn extra cash, you don’t necessarily have to place bets in casinos. Instead, try out these legitimate and easy ways to bring some additional income online.

  1. Join a Focus Group

If you easily find an opinion about almost any topic, why not make it a side hustle? Joining a focus group exposes you to concepts, products, and services that pay you for feedback. Sure, the task requires more of your involvement to make extra money, but the payout proves worthwhile.

  1. Start Freelance Work

If you’re already working full time, you could pick some freelance work early in the morning, evening, or at night. Make some extra cash when you have a particular skill set, whether programming, translating, tutoring, or writing. Check out sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork to get started.

  1. Earn Extra Money as You Shop

Whenever you shop for certain products and services, you could add extensions to inform you of any free money and discounts. Browser extensions like Sidekick and SwagButton send alerts about cashback coupons and discount opportunities while you shop. This lets you save some dollars and eventually earn extra cash.

  1. Take Online Surveys

Sharing your opinions through online surveys is another way to make extra cash and gifts. Online survey sites like Opinion Outpost, InboxDollars, OneOpinion, and Survey Junkie offer compensation every time you respond to questions. While this won’t make you rich overnight, it can keep you afloat with some additional cash.

  1. Play Games

If you’re more into gaming, you can earn extra money on Coin Pop, Swagbucks, etc. These apps reward you with coins whenever you reach a milestone. Once you make a substantial amount, you can exchange them for cash via PayPal. Note that the payout is pretty small, and you need to spend a lot of time playing to make a notable gain. Nevertheless, you still have something to carry home, especially if you choose your game wisely.

  1. Audio Transcription

If you are a good typist with over 70 words per minute, transcribing audio could be your thing. Websites like Rev, QuickTate, and Tigerfish pay you to transcribe different types of audio, including interviews, podcasts, and lectures. Most of these sites find an assignment based on your preference and pay transcribers weekly via PayPal. Utilize that free time after work and earn a few bucks. Most of the ideas discussed here require little effort as all you need is a reliable internet connection and perhaps a computer. While these options might not be a get-rich-quick solution, they add some cash to the mix to help you balance your financial life.

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