20 Great Freelance Jobs: Jobs That Are In Demand

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The tide is turning, and we’re faced with uncertainties of the years ahead. People are now looking for the best ways to establish long-term financial security. For this reason, many have found solace in freelance jobs. 

The flexibility associated with a freelance career has been a big draw for most people. You can work remotely at your schedule and still earn good money. 

The best part is that you only need a computer, a reliable internet connection, and perhaps some marketing skills. Simply establish yourself, do a few online searches, and your main task will now be managing multiple clients. 

If you’ve been thinking of starting a freelance career, this guide will put you on the right footing. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most in-demand freelance jobs available today. 

Great Freelance Jobs in High demand

  1. Web Designer

Businesses need modern transformation to remain relevant in the industry. This includes a good website to reach customers online and advertise products and services. Good web designers are in high demand as businesses seek to design, plan, and code different websites according to their niche. 

If you’re experienced in Joomla or WordPress, you can find career opportunities at popular sites like UpWork or Fiverr

  1. Graphic Designer

If you have graphic design skills, you can apply them to different sectors, such as websites, business cards, reports, etc. You’ll need to understand basic concepts and be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. 

You will likely land some well-paying clients if you’re already Adobe certified. But you’ll definitely need a portfolio because clients will be more interested in your work than in your education. A good repertoire of skills and a strong portfolio will take your graphic design career far. 

  1. Online Tutor

Currently, there are thousands of tutoring jobs available regardless of your certification. With the massive shortage of teachers worldwide, you’ll easily land a favorite position. 

You still have options even if you don’t have a teaching degree. Besides, teachers seeking to gain more experience or those with English as a second language are in high demand. The only prerequisite in landing a job is to have a good command of the language and be tech-savvy. 

Online tutoring is also an option for people well-versed in science, math, history, or any other academic subject. While the client may not ask for your certifications, they will subject you to a vetting process. 

  1. Virtua Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) job requires an organized person who can complete tasks quickly and is familiar with different productivity software. The most common VA job pays an average of $20 per hour based on the expertise required. 

VA tasks include setting appointments, scheduling meetings, and managing email. Most people needing help with these services have no time to do them, and the more capable and agile you are, the more value you bring in. 

  1. Freelance Writer

Freelance job opportunities are endless. You’ll never lack freelance writing jobs if you’re reliable and fast. Of course, you can earn without experience, but expertise in crypto/blockchain, marketing, or technology gives you an upper hand. 

One of the best parts about starting a freelance writing career is that you only need G-Suite or Microsoft Word, and you can submit work remotely. Technical writing, such as medical or software, pays lucratively, but even website copy and blogs will earn you a pretty good living. 

  1. Editor

If you’re good at grammar and writing styles and have an eye for detail, you can earn by editing articles written by other people. In fact, editing is the right place to start and grow into a freelance writer. 

It’s worth noting that the editor’s work can be technical as you research written facts before approving an article for publishing. Ensure you grasp technical terminologies well and can turn the ideas into an easy-to-understand copy. 

  1. Financial Consultant

Financial expertise demand is spiking. Available jobs include tax accounting, daily bookkeeping, fractional CFO, and business accounting positions. You can easily find multiple clients needing your services, especially if you have a specialty in tax planning, insurance, or real estate. 

You can look for extra work and deal with numerous clients to earn a predictable income. With the constant online requests for financial consultants and the seasonal surges with hefty payouts, you can maximize your earning potential quickly. 

  1. Social Media Manager

Once businesses create an online presence through websites and social media platforms, they must keep up with the dynamics. This task is time-consuming, and not all companies would afford an in-house team to keep things on track. 

If you’re familiar with most, if not all, social media platforms and know how to post a marketing message, a freelance social media marketing job is right for you. Additional skills and experience in this area, such as engagement and analytics tracking, can earn you better. 

The main tasks of a social media manager include managing audience conversation. Besides, you could focus solely on social media content creation and implement the business marketing plan. 

Before searching for a lucrative freelance social media manager job, establish an online portfolio and include a few samples. Remember to indicate all the accomplishments, as social media is about numbers. 

  1. App Developer

Custom apps have become the norm as businesses seek to enhance customer experience. Today, ttop earners in the app development industry are making six figures. 

So, if you have a passion for app development, it might be a brilliant idea to take it freelance. There is high demand for Android and iOS development skills, and your earning potential depends on your skills. 

If you have an attractive portfolio and exceptional creativity, you’ll likely land a job immediately after you start your online search. Your metrics and results in other fields will speak volumes about your capabilities, so don’t be afraid to put everything on display. 

Start with small gigs and build your repertoire. Once you complete several tasks, you can include them in your portfolio, and landing another client will become much easier. 

  1. 10.Content Creator

Content is everything in this digital world. Companies are looking for people who can create brochures, blogs, social media posts, videos, newsletters, infographics, or magazines. The businesses lack resources and time to make all the needed content. 

As a freelance content creator, you partner with brands to craft content about products or services. The content you create might seek to market a product or discuss a topic of interest, like video games or travel

Crucial skills in content creation include editing, videography, and photography. Also, companies need creative talent to describe a product through a compelling marketing message.

  1. 11.Photographer

Moving away from all the marketing and adverts, you can earn a high salary from other freelance jobs. Unlike most of the freelance jobs we’ve discussed so far, photography is not entirely done from home. Simply put, freelance photographer meets with their clients and travel to select photo shoot site. 

While clients are looking for skilled photographers online you don’t necessarily need to work under someone else’s instructions. Instead, you can take photos or videos and sell them through stock photography sites. Note that the process takes a bit longer than serving a client, but you are sure to earn some passive income in the long run. 

  1. 12.Data Analyst

Online businesses rely on available data to know what product or service to introduce and the target market. Therefore, they collect quarterly data to make informed decisions and increase profits. 

These businesses turn to data analysts to gain meaningful insights and guide department heads. Data analysts’ common tasks include extracting and visualizing data through graphs and charts. 

  1. 13.Sales Specialist

Sales specialists have remained in demand year after year, and now you can work remotely, thanks to fast internet speeds. With lead generation being a big draw for sales specialists, businesses are willing to pay lucratively for someone who’ll bring new customers. 

A few years back, companies viewed the role as suitable for only full-time and permanent employees. However, contract-based sales are making headlines becoming some of the top freelance workers earning a high salary. 

  1. 14.Translators

Remote translator jobs are steadily increasing. As more businesses go online, the need for people with bilingual skills is only surging. Some service providers earning high salaries translate French, German, and Spanish. 

You may be called upon as a translator to transcribe, translate, produce content, and more. Since the translator skills are scant, people with multi-language fluency can expect a salary ranging from $35 per hour. 

  1. 15.Home Design

The housing market is yet another platform for freelance work. Popular freelance job postings such as Freelancer.com have rapidly increased job postings related to architecture and design. 

Don’t fret. This world of freelance offers opportunities to freelancers of all backgrounds. So, if you are good at house organization, you can secure gigs to share ideas on decluttering. Similarly, you can use your keen eye for design elements to help sellers advertise homes for sale. And the list goes on and on. 

  1. 16.Transcriptionist

If you are a keyboard warrior or aspire to become one, transcription would be right up your alley. It’s a promising freelance career for beginners and experts in the creative writing process. 

The job involves converting audio to text in meetings, lectures, etc., and the income depends on the industry and the significance of your task. All you need is solid research skills, good-quality headphones, and typing speed. 

  1. 17.Product Manager

Product management is listed among UpWork’s most in-demand freelance jobs this year. Essentially, product managers make strategic decisions regarding a product. This may include building the entire roadmap and addressing customers’ needs. 

Companies constantly promise a freelance career for managers who can see the big picture, strategize, and deliver.

  1. 18.Voice-Over Actor

Do you like your voice? If so, you could become a voice-over actor, one of the best options for starters. You don’t need experience or papers to start freelancing as a voice-over actor; just use your articulate voice. 

As the name suggests, a voice-over actor trades his voice for TV, film, video games, and online videos. Due to the nature of the voice-over job, the freelance gig you encounter may be priced per project and not hourly. 

Popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr, are hubs for voice-over opportunities. 

  1. 19.Automation Specialist

Automation is now becoming the norm as businesses seek to cut costs on human resources. Consequently, the need for freelance automation experts has spiked.

As an automation specialist, you help businesses automate their processes to boost efficiency and increase profits.

In other words, you’ll need coding language skills to develop automation software programs. Other essential skills for this freelance job include writing automated tests, framework building, troubleshooting, and configuration management (CM) software experience.  

Sure, it sounds complex, and indeed is, but it’s still among the top in-demand and highest-paying jobs on Upwork.  

  1. 20.Cybersecurity Expert

Now that everything is online, companies need someone with special skills to protect their networks from attacks. So, as a cybersecurity expert, you need to implement concrete security measures across all software and ensure everything is updated and bug-free. If you have cyber security skills, take advantage of the high-demand and lucrative freelance deals on most job platforms. 

Become A Freelancer

Freelancing can benefit businesses and people of different backgrounds, careers, and industries. With countless job sites and available jobs at your disposal, it’s easy to start a career. Finding long-term clients may take some time, but the frequent gigs will be enough to see you through. Once you offer quality results and respond timely, you’re sure to go a long way with your clients.  

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