10 Side Jobs That’ll Help You Pay Bills

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If you’re struggling to pay your bills from your 9-5 full-time job, we have numerous side jobs to help you make money and close the gap. 

Thankfully, advanced technology and reliable internet connection have made it possible to find a side hustle any time of the day at your home. Some of the readily available tasks require no experience and send compensation immediately. 

While you should approach gigs offering weird salaries with caution, you can still find legitimate side jobs online. 

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most common side jobs and how you can easily find one.

Make Money from These Side Jobs

  1. Transcription

If you’re good at typing, consider finding transcription jobs that pay a decent rate online. The average pay for a transcriptionist range at around $60,000, meaning that you’ll have surpassed your target if you find a constant flow of jobs.

  1. Customer Service Representative

This job involves providing email, chat, or phone support to a company’s customers regarding products or services. This is one of the offers you’ll likely come across once you search for side jobs online. Before applying for the role, understand the schedules and growth potential for every offer you encounter. 

It’s worth noting that the customer service representative job may be demanding and requires a quiet background. So, folks with kids or other caretaking responsibilities may struggle to make ends meet. That said, noise may not be a concern if your job only involves chat and email. Most of the available offer online pay an average salary of $40,000. 

  1. Social Media Manager

Businesses’ online presence is becoming paramount, and organizations are constantly looking for dedicated individuals to work as social media managers. The job involves running the company’s social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. 

Available social media manager jobs come from different organizations, from local stores to giant tech companies. The one thing you need is a solid handle on popular platforms like Facebook. You don’t necessarily need a college degree to land a job-particularly if your portfolio stands out. 

  1. Data Entry 

As the name suggests, these clerks transfer information across prints, spreadsheets, or other data forms. The clerks may also be tasked with scrutinizing information and making necessary corrections. 

Most companies will hire keyers on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis. With everything now turning digital, you can work from home for any company, provided you have at least a high school diploma. 

  1. Writer

Writers create content online and offline on a full-time, part-time, and freelance basis. This job requires strong writing skills and some search engine optimization (SEO) skills for online content to remain relevant. 

If you have confidence in your mastery of English grammar and expression, you can apply for available copywriter jobs online. Copywriters create short content for a brand, service, or product. The text you see on websites, product packages, and media posts is written by copywriters. 

Moreover, technical writers break down complex scientific information for brochures, educational resources, and instruction manuals. Of course, you must demonstrate background knowledge of the subject matter you discuss, some solid writing chops, and perhaps a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication, or English. 

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re not into text-based content, you can share ideas, expertise, or advice as a video. Like blogging, creating a YouTube channel attracts multiple sources of income. However, you may not make money right away, but with frequent and relevant content, you’ll indeed generate a decent income in the long run.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The VA job involves helping run a business in its daily activities entirely online. So, you will be tasked with scheduling meetings, preparing memos, responding to emails, and other duties assigned. It’s an excellent role for those who prefer a flexible position. 

You can land a virtual assistant job with just a high school diploma, although most employers prefer a college degree. The virtual assistant is an entry-level role with the potential of earning you more than $40,000 per annum. 

  1. Open An Online Store

If you are an organization nut or an artistic person, consider creating an online store and start selling stuff online. Use the quiet dropship products, prints, or paintings and advertise them on an Etsy shop or Shopify store to make money.

With appealing products and robust marketing, you can earn over $1,000 monthly on these online stores.

If you want to share your passion for talent and art, you can sell printables on your Shopify store or Etsy shop to help others discover and develop their gifts.

  1. Copy Editor or Proofreader

Copy editor and proofreader roles differ slightly, but all have a common goal of ensuring that the result text is error-free. As a proofreader, you are the last eye to a document before it is submitted or published. The main task is checking for typos, formatting, style, or grammatical errors. Copy editors also check written work, but they can make changes to the document to enhance clarity and accuracy. 

Publishing companies producing tons of written material need full-time, part-time, or freelance copy editors and proofreaders. All you need to become a proofreader or copy editor is a firm handle on English grammar and an eye for detail. In most cases, you will find copy editor and proofreader positions requiring no prior experience and offering an average salary of $50,000. 

  1. 10.Mystery Shopping

It is sometimes called secret shopping and involves posing as a typical customer to evaluate the service provided by a business. An employer, manufacturer, or mystery shopping company requests you to visit a hotel, store, institution, gym, etc., and interact with the service provider in person or via the phone. Then, you file a report on products and services as soon as you finish the task.

The mystery shopping jobs vary with the company’s mission and objective. Sometimes the mystery shopping company requires you to work on specific days, while others send several shoppers on the same project to compare the reports. 

In addition, some jobs may only be available for a particular demographic. For example, the company may send only young shoppers to a liquor store to determine whether the clerks check identification among young buyers.

Apply For These Side Jobs

Making ends meet in the current economic crisis is becoming a hassle. For this reason, you need to think out of the box and find ways to boost your income. We’ve highlighted a few side-jobs recommendations that require little time but come in handy when you want to settle some of your bills. 

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