10 Best Places to Buy Textbooks Online

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Textbook prices are soaring, placing the total cost at thousands of dollars per semester. For a student, it’s overwhelming to pay about $5,000 just for textbooks. Luckily, online shopping has introduced endless options to help save money every time you buy textbooks online.

The list below has sites with a resale platform where you can re-sell your textbook and a renting feature that lets you wait for an upcoming revised edition without halting your studies. You also need a platform that indicates the necessary information, such as the ISBN, author, title, etc., to ensure you’re getting the best.

Best Sites to Buy Textbooks Online

  1. Chegg

Chegg has been around for almost two decades, offering an extensive library of books and editions at competitive prices. The site is known for its up to 90% discount on specific editions and prices way lower than your local bookstore.

Simply search for the book on the site, and you can start reading after you buy textbooks online. Chegg also reaches out to retailers around campuses for local deals and special discounts to shoppers.

  1. Amazon

If you’re a regular shopper at Amazon, you know that the site has one of the largest textbook libraries. Different stores have emerged on the site offering varying selections and prices. You can sell, rent, and purchase a textbook at a discount on Amazon. So, once you’re done with the course, you can always sell those same books.

Subscribing to the Amazon Prime or Amazon Student membership makes your orders reach you pretty fast, not to mention many other perks. Besides, Amazon leads in textbook sales, and its textbook marketplace is outstanding.

  1. BookFinder

BookFinder‘s main focus lies in finding the lowest price for your search and the highest bid for your textbook sale. The site helps you compare rental, used, and new textbook offers from major websites like Amazon.  

Just key in the ISBN/title/author, and BookFinder will take over. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about shipping; it’s free.

  1. CampusBooks

CampusBooks has been the go-to textbook resource since the 90s. A unique feature on the website includes saving at least 60% calculated from tax, shipping costs, promotions, coupons, and discounts. In addition to incentives to buy and sell textbooks, CampusBooks offers exclusive coupons and promotions.

  1. SlugBooks

Like BookFinder, SlugBooks also helps you compare textbooks’ prices between online sellers like Chegg and Amazon. Also, you can sell or buy textbooks online via a separate Facebook page by entering the ISBN and title or author.

  1. ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks has a one-month money-back guarantee and free shipping service for all your textbook purchases. Another unique feature at ValoreBooks is the instant quote you get when you post a textbook for sale. If you also want to liquidate your inventory asap, create a textbook store and see your savings soar.

  1. AbeBooks

AbeBooks‘ consistent value to buyers has earned it a positive reputation for the time it has been around. The site has partnered with local sellers allowing them to build an inventory in return for deep discounts.

AbeBooks has a 30-day return policy offering a total refund when the book has errors. If you realize the error after the 30-day window, the site will still take the book at a reasonable price. Visit the site and look for the best deals locally and internationally.

  1. Affordabook

As the name suggests, Affordabook will help you afford a book. Enter the book title, author, or ISBN, and Affordabook will browse dozens of websites looking for the cheapest offers. The site also classifies the results into buying and selling categories.

Let Affordabook do the search work for you by signing up for an account where you can receive newsletters and preferences. Besides, you can utilize the Watched List features that notify you when a particular book reaches your preferred price. This helps you track changes in your preferences without lifting a finger.

  1. Barnes And Noble

While few textbooks are found at Barnes and Noble physical stores, its website collection is incredible. As a major national retailer in the country, Barnes and Noble offers a simple process to find the best textbook rentals and purchase offers. It also has the buyback program where you can find a buyer for your book once you’re done with the course.

The Barnes and Noble site promise buyers up to 90% discount on textbook prices and free shipping.

  1. Alibris

If you need to buy different learning materials, including regular books, films, digital books, music, etc., Alibris is your one-stop solution. The platform also helps you save up to 80% on most products.

Alibris outsources all the products you search for from various sources like Half Price Books, Goodwill, and Big River Books. All the details, including options and costs, will appear on your search results screen. So, instead of making your music, films, and textbooks purchases on different sites, Alibris finds them and lets you add them to your cart.

Textbooks Shopping Made Easier

Compare the price range offered by these sites and at the campus bookstore. From there, you can consider other factors such as shipping, return policy, and buyback. Regardless of your choice, you will surely save some bucks.

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