5 Apps to Find Cheap Gas Near Me

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Average gas prices have been tumbling recently, but there are still places near you with cheaper gas. It’s frustrating to fill your car with gas only to realize another station selling gas at cheaper prices.

So, if you always want to find a station offering cheap gas prices, you need gas price comparison apps. The apps help you save money, and the time you’d spend driving around in search of the cheapest gas.

We’ve shortlisted the best apps for iOS and Android to help you compare gas prices and direct you to the nearest gas station.

  1. Drivvo

The Drivvo app can locate a station with the most affordable gas regardless of your location. It shows gas prices in stations near you on a detailed map. Besides, Drivvo can incorporate all your cars and track fuel spending for each and advise on ways to monitor or control fuel consumption.

In other words, Drivvo incorporates all services regarding your cars and ensures that you save as much as possible through timely servicing, safe driving, and wise gas station choice. The app is available on Apple and Android devices with a free and paid subscription.

  1. Waze for Cheap Gas

Waze uses your common and current routes to find cheap gas near you. It comes with a search function that lets you find available stations near you together with distance and current gas prices.

In addition to finding inexpensive gas, Waze works as a navigation tool to help you find the shortest route to your destination. Also, users can update traffic incidences, police presence, constructions, and more to keep other road users in the know.

  1. GasBuddy

GasBuddy has gained widespread popularity for its efficiency in finding inexpensive gas. It also has a filter feature to specify the type of gas you’re looking for, something other apps lack. So, if you’re looking for diesel, only stations offering the same will pop up.

Moreover, GasBuddy shows the distance to gas stations near you and the updated prices for each. Other ways to save money with GasBuddy include getting the free card filled with cashback offers at all its partner stations.

  1. Fuelio

Another great option to find affordable gas near you is Fuelio. This app lets you add your car to provide a detailed overview of the services, mileage, and gas consumption. Chiefly, Fuelio searches for gas stations with cheap gas near you and provides a view with updated prices and distance to every station. It also lets you pick favorite gas stations you frequently visit to track your expenses and decide whether to choose a new favorite.

  1. MapQuest

MapQuest is one of the oldest mapping companies and remains a great tool when commuting. Like Waze and Google Maps, MapQuest is a simple navigation app you can use to get around town. Besides, the app comes with great features to help you compare fuel prices at gas stations near you. You don’t have to incur extra charges for gas when the apps highlighted here can help you find more affordable options. The gas prices between stations may not vary much but think of all the money you could save over time.

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