Find Remote Jobs at These 30 Work-From-Home Companies

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Work from home (WFH) was seen as a side hustle until the novel covid virus struck the globe. Today, more and more workers opt for telecommuting, and about 80% of workers say it’s beneficial besides remuneration. In the same study, more than half of the respondents said they would abandon their current posts if their remote benefits were to be scrapped.

The government lockdowns imposed then meant to curb the virus, but they also prompted companies to work remotely. However, since the infection rates have dwindled, employees are being asked to resume their offices, and many have sought remote roles elsewhere. 

So, if you’re fed up with commuting to your workplace daily, consider hunting for a remote position. Besides working 100% from home, a WFH job comes with a perfect work/life balance.  

We’ve already compiled a list of companies regularly offering these positions to help you find a suitable remote job. Luckily, the job demand is soaring tremendously, given that many companies are now embracing the work-from-home culture which is sustainable and cost effective. 

What to Know When Applying for Work-from-Home Jobs

With the continued upward trend in remote job postings, finding one that’s right up your alley is becoming easier. However, we have a few things you need to know before you apply. 

Review Your Preferences

Becoming a digital nomad is exciting, but you must consider the challenges of combining your work and travel. Before applying or embarking on being a telecommuter, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are the pros and cons of this type of work?
  2. What skills do I have, and to which remote job do they fit?
  3. What are my travel costs?
  4. What support should I expect from the employer?

Sell Your Skills

With the remote job’s growing popularity comes stiff competition. So, you must state and demonstrate your skills to prove that you’re perfect for the position. Detail your resume with previous postings, and be sure to mention experience with remote tools, if any. 

Companies Offering Remote Work

While we’re aware of fraudulent sites promising unsuspecting job-seekers lucrative income while working at home, we’ve done our homework and shared only the ones we find legit. Choose from the list below, and you’ll surely get something that matches your preferences. 

  1. Amazon

We don’t have to start explaining the Amazon site to you. It’s known for its leading position in online businesses and transactions. Statista puts the number of Amazon employees at 1.6 million. To be among the statistics, visit the site’s work-from-home jobs page and choose posting in software development, HR, sales, etc. 

The pay for these positions may vary, but once you exceed three months on the remote job, you qualify for the benefits package, which includes discounts, leave, and health coverage. Besides, Amazon offers a tuition assistance program for your GED, ESL, and degrees.

  1. HubSpot

This site helps companies manage their service, sales, marketing, operations, and content. HubSpot frequently posts several remote job openings, and Glassdoor recognized it as one of the best workplaces this year. Benefits include work/life balance, parental leave, a paid sabbatical opportunity, and unlimited vacation days. 

  1. TranscribeMe

As the name suggests, this site hires people to transcribe files and make them more accessible. Applying for a position on this site is a great way to make money, especially if you’re studying, parenting, or have some time left from your full-time posting. 

The pay and working from anywhere is perhaps the only benefit you should expect from TranscribeMe since it hires on a contract basis. Most transcribers on this site receive around $20/hr., accumulating up to $2,200 monthly. 

Visit the TranscribeMe site, create an account, and pass the test to start claiming jobs. 

  1. Robert Half

Robert Half site helps clients find and hire quality candidates while providing customer support, accounting, legal, and marketing services. 

Pay for Robert Half remote workers varies with position and expertise, but you’re sure to earn a good amount. Besides, the job comes with paid parental leave, healthcare, adoption, and tuition assistance. 


Princeton Review uses the site to personalize studying for students at different levels. The site also connects experienced tutors worldwide to help students find whatever resource they seek. Also, gives experts flexible opportunities with regular income with no invoice.

Tutors receive no additional benefits from since they are independent contractors and not employees. Their average rate stands at $13/hr., according to Glassdoor

Work From Anywhere

Whether you’re a full-time employee looking for extra cash or want to become a digital nomad, a remoter job lets you control your life and finances. We’ve highlighted resources to help you connect with remote opportunities. Join your preferred site today and search for suitable opportunities.

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