What Is NerdWallet and is it a Legit Company?

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Financial management is one of the most confounding challenges in adult life. From understanding financial tools such as 401(k) to choosing the right credit card, personal finance can prove a hassle. Thankfully, digital solutions such as the NerdWallet app have become the game changer in your financial struggles, especially during crises. But, is NerdWallet safe? Read on to find out.

What is NerdWallet?

NerdWallet is a personal finance guide in all your financial decisions. In light of oblivious spending, especially among the youth, the site offers honest, personalized, and expert recommendations for better financial decisions.

You find everything from investing and saving to selecting a mortgage lender and credit card. Normally, you would get a massive amount of complicated information if you decided to conduct independent research. NerdWallet takes the complex data and simplifies it into easy and understandable content or tool.

NerdWallet Brief History

The habit of turning to friends and family for financial advice led to the emergence of NerdWallet. Tim Chen thought reliable personal resources were readily available until his sister asked for a hand in choosing the best credit card. Tim hardly came across any helpful material, and the little there was appeared untrustworthy.

Thanks to his economics and mathematics skills, Tim manually collected data from more than 7,000 credit unions and created a spreadsheet to guide his sister. Soon, friends, family, and friends of friends started to demand the spreadsheet and Tim decided to create a site and provide refined and formal recommendations to a broader audience. In 2009, he convinced his friend and former schoolmate Gibson to become a co-founder. The company has grown, won recognition and awards, and attracted influential leaders.

Is NerdWallet Legit?

NerdWallet has been publishing financial guides since 2009 without a single complaint. The prestigious reputation over the years makes it safe to say that NerdWallet is a legitimate company. The information posted on the site helps you weigh options in general money issues and debt.

While NerdWallet does not offer financial advisory services, it keeps you informed on any upcoming changes or deadlines that may affect your finances. Besides, it has links to reputable companies certified in financial advisory and related issues.

The more than 100 million annual consumers visiting the site prove that NerdWallet is reliable. Similarly, the NerdWallet app has more than 40 million monthly visits and has already landed on the Nasdaq Exchange.

Is NerdWallet Safe?

The guidelines from NerdWallet are safe to refer to but not meant to substitute legal or professional financial advice. So, much of the safety concern when using the app or site should be regarding your personal information.

Is NerdWallet Safe for Personal Data?

In this case, NerdWallet doesn’t keep credentials or passwords and incorporates industry-standard controls to protect your personal information.

NerdWallet has grown from a credit card guide in 2009 to a content resource center for a dozen personal finance tips. In the same way, the app is simple to use and doubles as an excellent resource for the best deals on mortgages and cars.

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