Tricks to Help You Survive on $1k or Less a Month

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If you’re struggling with the rising cost of living, you’re not alone. Many people also find it hard to get by unless they take desperate financial measures to survive happily. Ignoring your expenses and thinking you’ll figure it out one day will only leave you stressed and your happiness elusive.

To survive on $1,000 a month, you must restrain your budget and watch your expenses in the coming months. This is the only way to endure any financial crisis and get out of debt. This post shares the best tricks to survive on less than $1k and balance your finances.

  1. Stay Positive

We all experience setbacks in life, and the best thing is to learn not to fall. Instead, we should grow and become the best we can be. Take time to focus on the positive things in every situation accepting that it isn’t easy and no one is perfect. When you do this, you will be confident, happier, and ready to encounter more opportunities in life.

  1. Set Up a Budget

You won’t note the accumulated cost of the $10 you spend here and there until you have a budget. Record all your expenses for a month and see what you need to change to reduce wastage. Simply practice patience and only spend on things you need to survive. To expand on budgeting, figure out what adds value and happiness to you rather than trying to fit into society.

  1. Cut Expenses

Once you know all your expenses, see what you should cut. Stop any unnecessary expenses or replace some items with more affordable alternatives. Also, it would be cheaper to buy passes on public transportation to evade the regular gas, maintenance, and car insurance payments.

Consider partnering with humanitarian and charitable organizations near you to see if they offer food, clothing, and shelter. Note that the offers may not be glamorous but you better keep you head high with positivity and happiness.

  1. Prioritize Saving

If you are used to spending first and saving leftovers, start with saving to avoid going overboard with your expenses. Saving the little you can will help build a reliable emergency fund and promote financial security in the long run.

When money becomes this tight, saving proves a hassle, but it’s still possible. Check whether your employer would split your payments across banks. This way, a part of your paycheck will go directly to your savings account. Alternatively, you can set up automatic transfers where a set amount is deducted monthly without little effort from your end.

  1. Find A Side Hustle

Now that you have a budget and savings, you need to increase your income to stay afloat. Make use of the online world and turn your talent, skill, or hobby into source of income. Look for those paid online surveys and gigs, and your monthly income will expand by more than $100. Surviving on $1,000 or less per month is not an ideal lifestyle, but it’s bearable. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t settle, but implement the tricks discussed here to turn the tide. You just need a positive mindset, and everything else will fall into place.

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