The Easy Hack I Use To Make Failure Fun

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Whether you are a hardworking student, a seasoned professional, or a dedicated stay-at-home parent, you are bound to run into disappointments every now and then. In fact, failures are an inevitable part of life that happen across personal and professional situations all the time. 

Due to this reason, instead of trying to run away from situations where things don’t work out according to plan, it is important to learn how to deal with failure when it occurs despite your best efforts. 

From my own personal experience, I have learned how to cope with failure by making it fun. The approach may sound unconventional, but it has turned out to deliver a high rate of success for me across multiple occasions. 

To help you learn more about this process, here is the easy hack I use to make failure fun.

Note Down Your Failures to Embrace Them

What is that, you say? Who writes failures down so you could remember them forever? Doesn’t sound so fun at first glance, right?

But the more you lean into the idea of making a note of your failures as a fun activity, the more it turns into a lighthearted action. This practice of creating a Failure Resume, Failure Log, or Failure Journal then easily turns itself into an approach of learning. 

As a result, whenever you run into a failure, your instant thought is not to shift the blame around on others or over-criticize yourself for not accomplishing the task at hand. Instead, you learn how to deal with failure through an objective approach, while also taking responsibility where it’s due. 

Have an Assessment Exercise for Each Failure

As you learn how to cope with failure by writing such instances down, you can also benefit from your written word by assessing what went wrong in each respective situation.

Since the failure journal is your private space, you can write any and all thoughts that come to your mind. While you can read through them right away, it is more comfortable and productive to do so after a few hours or days have passed from your last failure. 

What is great here, is that your failure journal does not have to be your respective private space, you can also fail in public. More individuals are learning in public and failing in public, because of this public activity, other people learn from them and they grow their network. At the same time, these individuals who are failing publicly can learn where they are going wrong and improve their process. Finally, I have also noticed that a portion of people who fail publicly may get more opportunities because others are watching as they are learning and growing.

This makes sure that when you read through your written word, you are able to assess the situation from a more objective point of view. This allows for better analysis, lets you understand what actually went wrong, and allows you to improve upon the points of failure so they don’t occur again. 

Take Responsibility for Each Failure

Knowing how to deal with failure isn’t only about acknowledging its existence. It is also regarding the emotional maturity to take ownership for your actions, and accepting how they led you to failure in the first place. 

However, instead of moping about not making the right call, remind yourself that mistakes are a part of life. Unless you fail, you cannot learn to deal with difficult situations. In turn, take the loss of failure as a cost of learning and improve upon your attempt in the next try. 

By taking ownership of the failure, even if you simply delegated a task to someone, you are able to feel a sense of control over the action and situation the next time it takes place. This allows you to feel more empowered and more confident to bring out all the stops to achieve the required level of success. 

Note Down Your Successes Right Next to the Failure

Now this is the most fun part of how to deal with failure. 

Whenever you note down your failures and your respective assessments for it, leave a small section on the page about a possible report of success. This segment comes in handy whenever you finally achieve the task that you were trying to accomplish in the first place. 

This action is small, but it is also highly significant. With this simple addition, you can transform your failure resume or journal into a success story. By looking back at these pages later, you not only determine how to cope with failure, but how to turn it around to your own advantage. 

These actions go a long way towards helping you become more assertive, confident, and calm throughout various walks of life. The more you practice them, the more you see how they turn your failure into fun. 

Always Remember To Fail Responsibly

Have you heard about the concept of failing up? Failing up is the idea that you can make progress within your life within the right context. In essence, each failure is another data point that helps you move in the right direction. 

Of course, it is important to understand why the failure took place and to have the right details to make the right level of progress. Further, it is always a great idea to be in a position where the level of failure does not create significant issues.

For instance, if you are investing in cryptocurrencies, you will notice that investors will say not to invest more than you can afford to lose. This is another way of saying if there is a chance of failure, and in investing there is always a chance of loss, invest in such a way where your risk is minimal.

At the most basic level, if you have $10,000 to your name and that is all you have, then you want to grow it to $100,000. Someone comes by and says to invest in flurgle blurgle token because it has been moving up, they already made around 10X return. You might be feeling a little jealous and may suffer from FOMO. This may cause you to invest around $4,000 or even more. But if $10,00 is all you have, then placing 40% into a flurgle-burgle token can create massive problems if it were to lose 50% or more in a week or a month.

The smarter idea would have been to place $1,000 or less in flurgle-burgle, if it went up, you would have good gains, if it went down, there’s not as much pain that you would feel here.

It is always great to have environment where you can fail smartly, learn, grow, and adapt to make better moves next time.

Having trouble finding success

It can be very tough at times to making failures fun and finding success in the failure. You’re not alone and there are people and groups that can help you. Life coaches can provide the support you need to understand why you failed and how to turn that failure into success.

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