5 Places to Sell Used DVDs Online & Locally

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Digital downloads and streaming services have taken over media leaving DVDs collecting dust in the drawer. Don’t let the physical product clutter your home when you can earn extra money by selling it online. 

Someone out there is still relying on the DVDs, and they expect to strike a deal with you. So don’t just dispose of the DVDs; see if any of the sites highlighted here will convert them to cash. 

Sell DVDs for Extra Money

The sites discussed here will help you unload DVDs online or locally within your neighborhood.

  1. Decluttr

Decluttr is the ideal site to sell every item related to tech. Besides DVDs, you can sell other stuff like consoles, games, phones, and CDs. 

Posting and shipping your stuff is free on Decluttr, and you receive your payment within 24 hours after the buyer receives the items. If you don’t want to donate the income to charity, Decluttr sends it directly through a check, direct deposit, or PayPal. 

One important Decluttr feature is the barcode estimate that lets you enter the DVDs’ barcode for a price quote. You don’t need to enter all the codes manually, as Decluttr has an app that lets the phone do the barcode work for you. 

  1. Bonavendi 

Bonavendi is more of a price comparison website, giving you the best deal on almost every product you wish to sell online. So, it will help you find the sites offering the highest return on your DVDs. Other items you can sell on the site include video games, CDs, and books. 

Simply enter the title of your DVDs, and Bonavendi will compile the catalogs of over 30 vendor sites for the best price within seconds. 

If you have a broad category of items to sell online, Bonavendi will track them and suggest the best places to sell all your stuff at once. 

What’s more? Bonavendi has an app compatible with Android and iOS that helps scan bar codes and bring the entire website experience to your smartphone. 

See whether you can buy some highly discounted items on the same platform as you sell your DVDs. Such a combination would help declutter your home quickly and earn you extra money. 

  1. FYE

While selling used DVDs seems convenient, selling them in your neighborhood is even easier and more profitable. FYE is one retailer that ensures that you make extra money by selling new and used CDs, Blu-rays, DVDs, and more. 

FYE has locations in 41 states, so chances are that there’s one near you. Before packing your collection to the nearest store, ensure you call the store and find out if they accept every stuff that you want to sell. Also, ensure that the DVDs are in good condition, probably with their original packaging and artwork. 

In most cases, FYE offers sellers more offers in-store credit than cash. So, it’s up to you to decide what best suits you. 

  1. Sell DVDs Online

The website’s name says it all. You can sell used DVDs, CDs, and video games on Sell DVDs Online. Before posting your items on the site, ensure they’re in good condition, have a universal product code (UPC), and in demand. If you post stuff without adhering to these requirements, Sell DVDs Online may not return them to you if a customer is dissatisfied. 

If you’re good with the set conditions, type the UPC of your items, and the Sell DVDs Online site will send a price quote instantly. The site also allows you to check out and print a free shipping label if the order exceeds $7.50. The money is channeled to your PayPal account within 72 hours. 

  1. Used Bookstores

Used Bookstores allow you to buy and sell books, DVDs, etc., from people living near you. Start by searching for “used bookstore near me” on the internet, and you’ll get a list to start with. 

Notably, used bookstores like Half Price Books have locations across the country, and you only need to bring your DVDs and other stuff to the Buy Counter of your local store. 

Wait a few minutes for the attendant to evaluate your items and make you an offer. 

Remember, the DVDs must be in their original packaging to sell at used bookstores like Half Price Books. Besides, you must visit the physical location to receive an offer. 

However, used bookstores have different policies, so check what your local store offers. Chances are, most used bookstores will provide you with higher store credit in place of cash payments. 

Sell Used DVDs

Technological advancement has made streaming movies, shows, and games easy, rendering DVDs useless for some people. If you have a collection of DVDs you no longer use, consider selling them to plenty of people who still need them for shows and movies. 

Choose the right way to sell your DVD from the online and in-person options provided here.  

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