How To Make Extra Money at Night When Kids Are Asleep

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You can use the night fringe hours to make extra money while the rest of the world drifts off to sleep. Working at this time means you’ll be available for your kids during the day and work peacefully later when they doze off.

Working at night is another way to boost your income if you spend your daytime at school, travel, or a full-time job. The new work-from-home norm has opened doors to hustle at night, and we’ve compiled the best ideas for you to try out.

Offer Virtual Assistant Services

As the name suggests, virtual assistants offer their services virtually from the comfort of their bed or couch. Essentially, you’ll be helping entrepreneurs and businesses clear their backlog, just like a front desk clerk. Clients would appreciate an independent virtual assistant who completes tasks efficiently.

With a reliable internet connection, a computer, and some front office skills, you can do anything related to the front desk, like email, social media management, and data entry. You only need to inform your client of your working hours so that they won’t expect an immediate response during the day.

Open An Online Store

You can create and sell things online if you are an organization nut or an artistic person. Use the quiet dropship products, prints, or paintings and advertise them on an Etsy shop or Shopify store to make extra money.

You can earn over $1,000 monthly on these online stores with appealing products and robust marketing.

If you want to share your passion for talent and art, you can sell printables on your Shopify store or Etsy shop to help others discover and develop their gifts.


Starting a blog is another long-time job that you can do at night and make extra money. You only need to master the written word and join other bloggers earning more than $10,000 per month.

Most bloggers start by acquiring a domain name and get WordPress running smoothly. Within a few months, we generate substantial income better than what you would get in some full-time positions. Much revenue comes from sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling merch, printables, courses, and more.

Alternatively, you can write about your talent or passion, like fishing, cooking, etc., and use the SEO strategy to grow your audience and gain traction online.

Become An Online Tutor and Make Extra Money

If you’re a night owl who’d like to guide students worldwide, find a company that connects you with the target. You need some educational background to become a quality online tutor assisting in math and reading skills. Create online courses, start a channel to reach more people, and venture on your own as a tutor. Most teachers have opted for online tutor gigs as a nighttime side hustle, and most wish they could do it on a full-time basis. With advanced technology and the availability of digital gadgets, it’s easier to make money when everyone else is sleeping. Find sites that need your skills online, and you no longer have to waste your time bingeing on Netflix all night long.

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