How to Make $15-$50 an Hour Proofreading from Home

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If you’re looking for a side hustle to make extra income from home, consider proofreading. Proofreading written material from home is flexible and gives the much-needed work-life balance. This means you won’t have to worry about kid or pet care as you sort out your bills from the comfort of your couch.

A simple search for work-from-home jobs online will let you discover several proofreading gigs waiting for you. However, finding a list of available proofreading jobs is one thing, and landing a lucrative deal is another. Luckily, you only need an understanding of writing and editing rules, a reliable internet connection, and a laptop to start earning as a proofreader. 

Below we explore what proofreading entails and how to start earning now as a proofreader. 

What is A Proofreader?

As the name suggests, proofreading involves scrutinizing a written document to correct grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. So, as a proofreader, you’ll likely be the last to go through a written copy before it’s published.  

It’s worth noting that the proofreading job differs slightly from the copy editor. The primary role of the latter is to take the big picture in the editorial sector, ensuring that the text is clear and flows naturally. In this case, the copy editor may request revisions or rewrites to improve the publication’s overall quality and align it to the set objectives. 

The work is a bit simpler for a proofreader. You don’t have to check the writing’s alignment with the company goal but only ensure that ideas are expressed perfectly. So, you come after the copy editor has done his thing. 

You will read through academic papers, emails, ads, articles, books, etc., and eliminate any mistakes. 

Do I Need Any Skills to Land a Proofreading Job?

While a bachelor’s degree or anything above that would be an added advantage, you don’t need one to become a professional proofreader. Anyone with good mastery of the English language can start proofreading from home. Of course, every proofreader should master the language and have an eye for detail. 

If you doubt your English competency but yearn to start proofreading from home, you can sharpen your grammar principles, and within a few assignments, you’ll be a pro. Other skills that come in handy when proofreading include quick turnaround, good communication, and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

How To Start Proofreading from Home

If you need to fine-tune your grammar, reading, and writing skills, it should take about a month before you’re ready to work on paid tasks. However, it would be best only to try when you’re confident to handle the tasks well. 

The number of jobs available and the money you earn depends on whether you take proofreading as a side hustle or a full-time work-from-home income generator. One important thing to note is that this job requires honing your skill day by day and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

The freedom to find jobs and set your own rates makes it hard to have an exact income proofreading from home. However, most proofreaders earn $20 -$50 per hour, but this depends on the task’s complexity, your experience level, client’s budget, among other things. 

How to Find Proofreading Jobs

The resources to find proofreading jobs are endless, with most being a click away. Below we share a few that top the lists of favorite job boards for proofreaders. Be sure to pick a job that you can handle well and that works with your schedule. 

  1. Upwork

If you’ve been researching freelance job boards, you must have heard about Upwork. It’s a platform where you set up a profile and send proposals to all the jobs matching your qualifications and interests. Upwork deducts a commission on each completed task. 

  1. FlexJobs

This platform has almost any job that you can complete remotely. However, FlexJobs requires a $15 monthly fee to access the listing with more than 500 proofreading jobs. 

  1. Scribendi

Scribendi is the best site for experienced proofreaders interested in handling texts from non-native speakers. To land a job at this site, you must commit to handle at least 1,000 words per hour, earning you about $30. 

  1. Google Jobs

Open Google and search “proofreading gigs,” and a list of available jobs will appear.

  1. LinkedIn Jobs

If you have a LinkedIn profile, search for “proofreader” and see plenty of available job popups. 

Start Earning as A Proofreader Today!

If you naturally spot bad grammar and misspellings, no work from home would be better for you than proofreading. Start honing your skills, and you’ll soon handle available gigs effortlessly. Check out other ways to make money from home, and achieve work-life balance without having to worry about bills. 

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