15 Great Coupon Sites for 2022

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Using coupons can save you money in online and in-store shopping. Thanks to free coupon apps and websites, 96% of shoppers have more options to save money on their purchases. 

You, too, can save a few bucks on your next purchase if you utilize the coupon sites below. What’s more, coupon categories have expanded to cover more than grocery and department stores. Check if any site highlighted below offers coupons for your massages or the upcoming oil change. 

Crucial Considerations to Save Money Through Coupons

Before launching coupon websites and finding the best deals, you’ll want to take preliminary steps. Making the necessary preparation will ensure you only get the best deals without wasting chances. 

  1. Have An Organized Couponing

Before scouring sites for coupons, the first thing to do is make a list of all the items you need and their best prices. Also, keep the printed coupons bound to avoid decluttering your space with printouts. Since most stores won’t take expired coupons, review them regularly and dispose of the expired ones. 

  1. Master The Terminology

The sites discussed below use terminologies to help you easily navigate the store and find coupons. Below are some of the words used in couponing language that you’ll likely encounter when you start couponing.

“Coupon Code”

The coupon code replaces the printable coupons in accessing purchase discounts. Instead of printing the entire coupon, you only receive a code that you enter when checking out online. Before you check out, the website will provide a coupon code field to apply to your purchase. Also, be sure to follow other requirements for your coupon to work.   

Manufacturer’s Coupons

As the terminology suggests, these are coupons issued by the company that makes the product. For example, if you have a manufacturer’s coupon for mac and cheese, it was probably issued by Kraft. You can use the coupon at any store that sells the products and accept coupons. 

“Printable Coupons”

Just like the manufacturer’s coupons discussed above, the printable coupons are issued by the manufacturer, but you need to print them out. Most of the coupon sites we’ll discuss below issue this type of coupon. 

These coupons have legal usage and printing limitations, so don’t think of making several print copies. 

Expiration Dates”

These are the latest dates you can use the coupon at a store. Be sure to check your coupon’s expiration date at the top or beside the disclaimer text. 


If a coupon offers cash back, you’ll get a percentage of your purchase total instead of a discount. You only need to create an account to hold all the money from the coupon site. There are different cash-back rules for every website, so be sure to read through them before signing up. 

“Store Coupons”

A coupon labeled “store coupon” has a designated store and retailer. Usually, these coupons have the store logo and can be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Great Coupon Sites For 2022

Now that you’re familiar with couponing terminologies, it’s time to get the best shopping deals. Every site has a different deal that you can use on your next shopping trip.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has been the go-to site for people looking to make extra cash and save money. The site is popular for giving cash back when you use the search engine, buy gift cards, take surveys, watch videos, or play games. In fact, signing up for a Swagbucks account is one of the legit ways to score free cash.

When it comes to couponing, Swagbucks offers several saving options. You can use the coupons from Swagbucks for purchases at drug stores, grocery stores, clothing outlets, and more. Besides, there’s a Swagbuck reward every time you print coupons or redeem deals online. 

Swagbucks also has a cash-back option when you shop at your favorite retailer. If you click on any of Swagbuck’s links to retailer websites, you earn exclusive discounts and deals, especially if the retailer is unavailable on other coupon sites. 

  1. SmartSource

You might have come across this brand in your Sunday newspaper inserts. Besides the paper coupons in newspapers, SmartSource has a website with printable coupons for lots of deals. This can help you get more copies of the physical coupon inserted in the Sunday newspaper. 

The SmartSource site only offers printable coupons clear enough to identify your preference. To ease couponing, SmartSource has created an app to keep you only a click away from lucrative coupon deals. 

  1. Groupon

If your focus solely lies in beauty, entertainment, restaurants, and spa services, consider Groupon. This coupon site offers discounts on all your hotels, travel, tours, and vacation packages. 

Locate the “goods” section on the Groupon site to buy discounted merchandise like phones and jewelry. The best thing about Groupon is that it will connect you to local events and deals. 

Additionally, Groupon has coupons for online and offline stores. Common stores to find discounts with Groupon include Target, Walmart, Blue Apron, and Amazon. 

  1. CapitalOne Shopping

Capital One site lets you create an account and download the browser extension to receive alerts on the lower prices and new coupons. So, if you search for a laptop on Amazon.com, CapitalOne Shopping will find cheaper alternatives on other sites. 

If CapitalOne Shopping finds no better deals on other sites, it will show a “best price” banner on Amazon.com, allowing you to proceed with the purchase. There’s also a watchlist section to notify you when certain items go on sale. Go to the CapitalOne Shopping website and grab special promotions and deals right now.  

Once you download and activate the extension, CapitalOne Shopping will notify you of any eligible coupon for items you search online. 

  1. Living Social

Like Groupon, Living Social offers deals near you to ensure you maximize your savings. Therefore, it’s the best place to look for coupons and discounts for local businesses. Note that Living Social may only show offers for city neighborhoods and not smaller towns. 

Common categories on Living Social include kid items, home goods, activities, and food and drinks. 

  1. Amazon Coupons

Most Amazon shoppers have no idea that the site offers coupons for its products. These manufacturer’s coupons help you save money on purchases with a single click. Ensure you utilize the coupons before adding the item to your shopping cart. Amazon has coupons for a wide range of products, from cereal to cream. 

It’s worth noting that available coupons only apply to Amazon purchases, and some are only available to Prime members. Don’t fret. We have 10 ways to get a Prime membership for free.

Amazon coupons are a saving opportunity, especially for people who regularly shop on the site. 

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten is another great option when you want to use coupons and earn cash back. The site lets you sign up freely and access lucrative deals. 

Moreover, a Rakuten Chrome extension notifies you of any available cash back for your search. You can enjoy cash back on thousands of stores, including Walmart and Amazon. 

Check out Rakuten’s double and even triple cash-back specials offered during major holidays. The specials offer more than 12% cash back which could come in handy when shopping for several items. 

  1. DontPayFull

The name says it all. DontPayFull aims to help you pay less and save money. The site combines over 120,000 stores accumulating over 10 million offers for you. Simply visit the website and search for your brand or offer. Similarly, you can browse via category if you don’t have an exact specification. 

The results page will prioritize similar deals for you to select. Click the “get deal” option beside your favorite deal to claim the offer and the site will redirect you to the retailer’s website, where you can shop at a lower price. 

DontPayFull also has a blog with tips for saving on entertainment, fashion, food, travel, etc. 

It’s wise to create a DontPayFull account for the deals and coupons to channel directly to your inbox. 

  1. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is one of the best coupon websites mainly due to its wide range of coupons for offline and online retailers. 

The site first asks for your zip code to customize the search and locate deals near you. Besides, there’s a monthly coupon update, so you’ll need to check back every month for new discounts. 

Coupons.com offers coupons you can print out to use at general merchandise retailers, drugstores, or grocery stores. Alternatively, you can link a debit or credit card to your account for discounts every time you go on a shopping spree. 

  1. 10.Save.com

Save.com is a major coupon site with deals and codes at your favorite retailer. The Save.com home page features daily trends, but the top navigation also has other savings options such as gift cards discount and cash backs. 

Common gift card deals include Sephora, Starbucks, and Lowes. Moreover, Save has a RxSaver option to identify a pharmacy with the best prices. 

Use Coupons to Save on Purchases

The coupon sites discussed here offer different deals to save money when shopping. So, check out these free coupon websites and find out the best for you. 

Once you familiarize yourself with your favorite sites, getting cash backs and saving more will become second nature. The most critical detail in the coupon is probably the code, without which you can’t apply a coupon to your sales. 

Also, check out sites with printable coupons if you prefer in-store shopping. 

Try combining sales with coupons on cash-back portals like Rakuten and see your savings increase exponentially. With all the ideas and options laid out bare, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get a better deal and save cash. 

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