6 Ways to Get Paid to Text

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Texting is one of the simplest but most overlooked ways to earn passive income. The high demand for work-from-home opportunities and side hustles has seen more people make over $100 weekly through texting. 

Don’t be left behind. 

Get paid to text promotional or flirting messages through the apps and sites highlighted below. 

Company Text Chats

If you aren’t the type to flirt with strangers every time, consider letting companies send you texts instead. The sites and apps below send text messages for research and marketing, so you only need a smartphone. 

  1. IMGR App

The IMGR platform partners with brands to send promotional messages. With iOS and Android, you can get paid to text with another IMGR member. 900 points are worth $10, which you can cash out to PayPal. 

It’s worth noting that points don’t roll over after a month ends. So, you need to collect at least 270 points and cash out before we start another month. 

To start earning, sign up here.

  1. McMoney 

The Netherlands-based company has a mobile app of the same name through which you receive marketing texts. With the McMoney app, you don’t need to make a call or respond to questions. Simply wait to receive a text message and earn passive income. 

Essentially, companies test their SMS messages across different networks to ensure that they can reach every target market. The feedback helps them create paid campaigns knowing that they’ll surely reach the intended audience. McMoney comes as a solution for all the companies seeking to test their SMS message deliverability. 

Download the app on your Android phone and help companies ensure that launched campaigns will be delivered successfully. 

The most dominant text chat languages in McMoney are English, French, and Spanish text chats. 

Earning on McMoney varies with country, but the average pay is $0.05 for every delivered chat text. This may sound little, but its utterly passive and can hit the hundreds mark within weeks. 

McMoney has a Cash Out button that is only functional when you attain the minimum cash-out amount. On pressing the button, the money is channeled to your PayPal account. 

McMoney also gives you a bonus for referring a friend to install the app. 

Notably, McMoney gives users a unique code to share with as many people as possible and receive additional pay when anyone uses it. 

  1. 1Q App

Unlike McMoney, 1Q App requires your input to win offers and coupons. This is your go-to app if surveys and questionnaires are your thing. The only possible let down is your failure to respond quickly. 

Responding immediately is the secret to get paid to text on the 1Q App. 

1Q App pays up to $1.00 for every response and directs the funds to your PayPal account. 

Simply visit the 1Q App with your iOS or Android, sign up, and download the app to your smartphone. There’s also a personalized registration form to help 1Q App send relevant surveys. 

Get Paid to Text for Customer Support Services

The following apps pay you to answer text messages from people looking for assistance. 

  1. Ginger.io

Ginger.io is flocked with people seeking assistance on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. So, it would help if you were confident and comfortable dealing with these issues regularly. 

Since the services required on this site are professional, the rate is slightly higher than other platforms we’ve discussed here. An emotional wellness or health coach can earn about $22 per hour. 

You really need some mental health experience to get paid to text on this site. Install reliable internet connection, pack your smartphone and earn through frequent phone therapies, video chat therapies, and text chats. 

Sign up here to start earning on Ginger.io.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr has grown to become a global marketplace flocked with freelancers. Here, you will find varying service providers, such as coaches, developers, bloggers, copywriters, and designers. The platform also lets every freelancer decide their pricing and the service scope.

Start earning by signing up on the platform and creating a profile. Also, be sure to clearly indicate your fee and list services like text message translation and SMS chat marketing. 

The search tab will help you determine the best starting price based on the listed gigs. 

  1. JustAnswer

Like the name suggests, this app lets you answer as many queries as possible. It’s the right place for you if you have some professional background in engineering, law, medicine, etc. 

Note that you’ll only be paid if the answers you provide are well-researched and align with the platform’s guidelines. 

Answering a single question on JustAnswer can earn you up to $30, which you can cash out immediately. 

Get started by signing up to JustAnswer and prove you have exceptional research skills. The site could become your full-time job if your passion for text chat experience prospers. 

Chat, Flirt, and Earn

Which of these opportunities sounds suitable for you? Pick one or several of the sites discussed above and boost your income. If you want to combine text chatting with other side hustles, see if you can play games and earn, sell stuff online, etc.  

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