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If you are planning to lose some weight but lack motivation, what about making it a side hustle? Wouldn’t it be nice if you earned on every weight loss? There are countless opportunities to get paid to lose weight, and it’s not just about the cash but also the healthy practices and new things. Start on your weight management plan and get paid. Here’s how.

  1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a health and wellness company established in 2009 to provide prizes for weight loss and fitness challenges. The site has gained widespread popularity and is featured all over TV shows mainly due to its simple concept. You only need to wager against yourself to reduce weight.

Wager $100 and win $200 when you successfully lose 10% of your weight. Note that you risk losing your money if you can’t achieve the target in 6 months hence the need to be realistic. Also, the high earnings associated with high bets stake serve as a worthy financial incentive for keeping fit.

  1. Get Paid to Lose Weight On DietBet

Like the “biggest loser” game we all participated in as a family, DietBet involves several members keeping track of each other’s progress. But of course, you know the challenges with recording other participants’ progress. DietBet comes to your rescue by doing all the tracking and comparison work. All you have to do is lose weight to earn and compare results with others.

Simply invite friends and family to sign up with each waging a bet and working on weight reduction within a set timeframe. Obviously, what you earn depends on the total bets, number of participants, and DietBet keeps a percentage of the total.

  1. WayBetter App

This app helps you develop healthy practices such as gratitude journaling, increasing core strength, and push-ups. Choose your preferable game from the app and start pursuing your fitness goal. You get paid to lose weight after placing a bet on the pot of money set for the challenge. An example of a challenge to encounter at the WayBetter App is to take four 30-minute walks every week for two weeks. 

  1. Join Starz

Starz offers to ways for you to earn. The site has job opportunities for everyone willing to share their sports, dance, or fitness skills with kids. As an instructor, you should be comfortable with children, have no suspicious conduct, and be experienced.

You will have flexible hours during summer and after school to interact with kids throughout the United States regarding flexibility and fitness. If you like to be your own boss, you still have the franchise opportunity where you get paid to lose weight.

  1. Fitness Blogger

While being accountable is one of the best ways to lose weight, sharing your journey on a blog is better. You can earn by detailing every step you take towards losing weight.

There are plenty of options to earn by losing weight and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want capital for your business or just a side hustle, try out the opportunities discussed here and get fitter and wealthier.  

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