5 Best Ways to Get Paid to Go to School

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Below, we highlight some of the easiest ways to receive money when you go to school.  

In the past school year, college fee has only ballooned to an average of $40,000 for private, public, and state schools. 

That is too demanding, and many students struggle to clear their debts despite the few Student Loan Forbearance programs available. They resort to alternative ways to make money and support their studies. 

Thankfully, we’ve highlighted 5 guaranteed ways to get paid as you attend college. 

How To Make Money for College

  1. Enroll For Student Scholarships

Check whether the college you’re about to join offers scholarship opportunities to exceptional or needy students. Normally, top colleges and universities have these opportunities to help students pursue their studies without financial stress. 

However, most offer the chance to students only studying specific courses such as science and mathematics. That does not mean you won’t access a scholarship if you’re a sports enthusiast: confirm with your college. 

It’s also worth noting that not all college scholarships cover full education needs. Check the available scholarship in your college, do your math, and know how to outsource the remaining fee. See if these 15 best online jobs for college students will help make money. Alternatively, you can apply the following tricks to help you survive on $1k or less monthly and save for the college fee. 

Besides reducing educational costs for college students, scholarships’ reliability gives you the peace of mind crucial to your studies. The Scholarship Owl is one best way to find a suitable scholarship for you and any other relevant information related to the scholarship, the course, and the college. 

  1. Ask For Tuition Reimbursement from Your Employer

With college fees increasing exponentially, students risk becoming broke. They use their salaries to cater for education, remaining with little or nothing to cope with inflation. So, even asking for a pay raise may not get you off the hook of going broke and in debt as you pursue higher education. If your recent raise didn’t match inflation, we have 10 tips to keep you financially afloat.

Instead of taking student loans, look for employers with tuition reimbursement that will let you go to school in the long run. 

The number of companies offering tuition reimbursement is endless. So, you only need to find those with permanent positions or paid internships that provide tuition reimbursement fees. Be sure to also search other educational benefits associated with the available job opportunities. This way, it would be easier to spot and join a company that pays you for higher education

One crucial aspect to consider is that companies have different perspectives regarding tuition reimbursement. Some will clear all your expenses for your studies, while others will only avail monthly or annual payments. 

Besides, companies only guarantee tuition reimbursement if you maintain a high academic performance or the course aligns with the company’s objectives. Familiarize yourself with your employer’s policies and see if you’ll need to pay for any remaining expenses throughout the study period. 

To increase the chances of landing tuition reimbursement, look for companies aligned with your field of interest. So, avoid seeking reimbursement for a mechanical engineering course and yet you work in a bank. Instead, you should apply for a job in an engineering firm, and you’ll indeed find one with the much-needed benefits. 

What’s more, if your company operates per IRS rules, employees earning below $5,250 will not be taxed. This means that you can live a tax-free life as you enjoy sufficient reimbursement from your company. 

  1. Merit Grants

Merit grants are offered in many places, such as associations, institutions, non-profit organizations, and government organizations. This unique scholarship provides funds to defray the costs of room, tuition, and other expenses tied to your studies. It also seeks to promote talents and foster diversity. So, if you think you have something special to showcase, reach out to your preferred institution and see if you could leverage it. 

Alternatively, you can apply for public grants through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Common grants you’re likely to receive include the coveted Pell Grant, which in the year 2022-23, is up to $6,895. 

Pell grants can also cover your full tuition fees when you enroll in a community college education. 

Join a Community College

Joining a community college will make you eligible for grants and let you spend more time in your neighborhood or home. This provides another opportunity to work on online side hustles. Remember, you need to make money even if your education is covered. Besides, the available Pell Grant may not cover your entire budget. 

Search community colleges near you and fill out the FASFA form meticulously. Luckily, most communities offer fee tuition for any resident who wishes to pursue their education. Still, it’s up to the college management to decide your eligibility and the fees you must pay. 

The Federal Pell Grant is the most common in community colleges providing around $6,300 to full-time students.  

Join the Armed Forces

Becoming a serviceman is an honor that brings forth many benefits. Of course, the military is not for everyone but becoming military personnel in the US makes you eligible for, among other things, higher education financing. For example, shortlisted applicants in the Military Tuition Assistance Program receive up to $4500 annually. 

The program aligns with the GI Bill of 1994, which gives access to full tuition reimbursement for military personnel for at least three consecutive years. This means all expenses, including book expenses, tuition fees, etc., are sorted out. 

Don’t Stress on College Fees

The five ideas prove that college doesn’t have to be pricey for you. Sure, you may not qualify for all the ways to get paid for going to school, but it’s good that you know options are plenty.  

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