15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

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The last thing you would want to struggle with as a college student is finances. But with the rising cost of living, specifically college tuition money, woes are definitely a thing. Luckily there are plenty of jobs to help students like you soak up the college experience.

Online jobs are an ideal side hustle for college students as it rarely cramps your busy class schedule. However, not all jobs are fit for students. Some are tricks, and others are downright scams, but we have compiled legit ways to make money and ensure you don’t start on the wrong foot.

Best Online Jobs for College Students

  1. Online Tutor

If you aspire to become a teacher one day, you can give it an early test by becoming an online tutor. Although most companies offering these slots require a bachelor’s degree, a few, like Qkids, Wyzant, and Tutor.com, accept students and pay about $20 per hour.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant might be an ideal side hustle if you’re an organized, efficient, and helpful college student. As the name suggests, the VA job involves virtually helping people do things they don’t have time for, like booking appointments and answering emails. The pay ranges between $15 to $2 per hour.

  1. Online Surveys

Survey sites are popular among college students mainly due to their simple online jobs and flexibility. Sign up on sites like MyPoints, Ipsos i-Say, or Swagbucks and complete as many surveys as possible.

  1. Social Media Manager

You’re lucky to be a student in this digital age that has incoporated social media in our lives. Businesses on Facebook. Twitter, and other social media platforms are looking for you to promote their brand and engage with customers online. Visit job advertisement boards like Upwork and find searching your service.

  1. Freelance Writer

Most of us in the freelance writing industry started our careers as gigs in college. It may not be easy to land high-paying clients immediately, but working on available jobs from ProBlogger, Glassdoor, HubPages, etc., will keep you afloat in college life and beyond.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator

Don’t fret. This online job involves manually poring over big search engines like Yahoo and Google pages and providing feedback on accuracy, quality, and usefulness. Check sites like Appen and Lionbridge for available job listings.

  1. Captioner

This online job is pretty straightforward. You only need to transcribe the audio part of a video into written content. Being a captioner is a relatively mindless job, and a few hours a week can earn you more than $1,000.

  1. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopper scams have increased in the recent past, so you better be careful when pursuing this job. Nonetheless, you’ll still find reputable companies offering free products and services and regular payments for every complete task.

  1. Web Researcher

This online job requires you to search the web for answers and earn around $10 per hour. Visit sites like Wonder and get started asap.

  1. Transcriptionist

Computers have their limits, especially when interpreting human speech. Therefore, companies like Rev need freelance transcriptionists to convert audio into written words.

  1. Data Entry

If you’re good at database management, you can start a data entry job as a college student and earn by simply transferring hand-written data and inserting it into a spreadsheet.

  1. Customer Service Support

Are you sociable and calm in times of crisis? You can turn this into a side hustle as you pursue college studies. Big companies like U-Haul, Amazon, and Apple seek freelancers to work as customer service reps.

  1. Call Reviewer

As a call reviewer, you work for sites like Humanatic to listen to recorded phone calls and give your feedback. Ever heard of a message saying, “This call is recorded as dialed”? Your main task will be categorizing these messages with appropriate tags.

  1. Proofreader

If you like to read and have attention to detail, you can earn a few bucks even with no qualifications. A wide variety of companies need their written content checked for grammatical errors before publishing. The side hustle is ideal for a college student as it’s flexible and makes you a better reader and writer even in your studies.

  1. Graphic Design

If you have an eye for design, working as a graphic designer would be a fantastic way to make extra income in your college life. As one of the best online jobs, graphic design involves designing labels, marketing materials, logos, and page layouts. Online gigs for college students are endless; all you need is to know your interests and passion. Most jobs require no background experience and allow some time to focus on your studies. Try out the jobs that interest you, and who knows; you may turn them into a career once you’re done with your studies.

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