Become a Mystery Shopper & Make Up to $100 Extra a Month

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The mystery shopper job is one of the most underrated side hustles that can earn you $100 monthly. Unfortunately, many still think the job is a scam, and that nothing much comes from it. On the contrary, mystery jobs are legitimate, offering additional income and free goods and services.

What is Mystery Shopping?

It is sometimes called secret shopping and involves posing as a typical customer to evaluate the service provided by a business. An employer, manufacturer, or a mystery shopping company requests you to visit a hotel, store, institution, gym, etc., and interact with the service provider in person or via the phone. Then, you file a report on products and services as soon as you finish the task.

The mystery shopping jobs vary with the company’s mission and objective. Sometimes the mystery shopping company requires you to work on specific days, while others send several shoppers on the same project to compare the reports. In addition, some jobs may only be available for a particular demographic. For example, the company may want only young shoppers to a liquor store to determine whether the clerks check identification among young buyers.

How To Earn as A Mystery Shopper

While the payment method is subject to your agreement with the company, below are 3 main ways to earn as a mystery shopper.

  1. Cash Payments

The cash-only payment applies when you only reviewed a company without additional expenses from used products or services. For instance, if you called the mystery shop through a phone call, you’ll only get paid for your participation.

  1. Cash And Reimbursement

This payment method applies when you pay for products or services at your mystery shop. This way, you receive a refund and additional cash payment for participation.

  1. Reimbursement Only

Mystery shopping companies may only pay for the services or product purchased and not for participation. Most students prefer this payment method to review restaurants as their meals are catered for. As a result, they can direct the funds to other needs or save.

Mystery shoppers usually receive payments via PayPal, Cheque, Postage, gift cards, etc., within 2 weeks after completing their tasks.

Lucrative Mystery Shops

Don’t be too greedy when starting on mystery shopping, as you would spend too much and waste a lot of time traveling and filling in reports. Below are jobs that you can start with and benefit substantially.

  1. Online shop reviews: you review a website or request an item via mail, saving travel expenses and time.
  2. Restaurants: While the company may not pay for the participation, rest assured to receive about $30 to $100 for your meals. 
  3. Product Reviews: The product is delivered to your doorstep for you to review. You add value to your home when you receive expensive items such as vacuum cleaners.
  4. Dealership Calls: You only need to make calls and book services. You can handle plenty of these jobs in a week and earn about $200.

Mystery shopping is one way to earn extra income with little effort. Try out the various sites offering these jobs to boost your finances and knowledge. It’s worth noting that mystery shopping demands a lot of reliability as you must complete every task. Besides, you may have to cater for all expenses, including transport, and expect a refund after you file your report.

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