5 Cheap Gym Memberships That’ll Help You Work Out for Less

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Gym memberships are a worthy investment for your health, but they can sometimes be expensive. Local gyms can charge a joining fee of $100 plus a monthly cost of up to $80, which adds up to a lot over time.

The good news is that you can find a cheap gym that works for your budget and lifestyle. You only need a clean space with gym assistants, operational machines, and perhaps a spot to take a selfie; you are good to go.

Affordable Gym Memberships

  1. Planet Fitness

For an average price of $10 per month, you can accommodate all your fitness needs at Planet Fitness. Here, you enjoy unlimited access to friendly support from their staff anytime in more than 2,300 locations nationwide.

Planet Fitness provides a clean, welcoming, and safe gym environment for all its members not to mention plenty of amenities and workout equipment. Check out their franchise near you and get a personalized exercise experience.

  1. Workout Anytime

As the name suggests, Workout Anytime gyms are open throughout meaning you can work out any time you feel like. Another great thing about Workout Anytime is monthly membership which lets you only pay for the period you work out.  

Workout Anytime has over 200 locations nationwide, meaning there‚Äôs probably one near you. Check out and enjoy flexible membership options starting from $15 per month.  

  1. Crunch Fitness

With over 400 locations around the country, Crunch Fitness is another affordable gym membership starting at $20 per month. Here you get to enjoy a welcoming modern atmosphere without paying top-dollar for your fitness.

Membership allows you to access their fitness classes, online streams from their website, and many other goodies. If you don’t make it to the physical gym, you can still work out from the comfort of your home with personalized instructions online.

  1. LA Fitness

LA fitness gym has amenities that will make you wonder why membership starts only at $25 per month. As a member, you access smoothie bars, saunas, pools, basketball, group fitness, personal training, and more across the more than 700 locations in the country and more in Canada. You surely have one or two near you.  

  1. YouFit Gyms

YouFit Gyms is one of the best places to work out and improve your health thanks to the nationwide rebranding and improvement of personalized services in more than 100 of their locations.

Gym membership at YouFit Gyms starts at $10 per month for the basic tier and the premium tier at $25. There are lots of goodies to enjoy here, including access to saunas, nutritional programs, and personalized fitness classes. These are the most affordable memberships that we recommend to you. They have great prices, excellent amenities, equipment, access to virtual workouts, and plenty of incentives.

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