12 Smart Purchases To Make in Your Twenties

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While some say that your 20s are for self-exploration, others recommend that they are reserved for career-building. No matter which of these schools of thoughts you identify with, the fact that your 20s are a crucial period in your life remains undebatable. 

To help you get the most out of this defining chapter of your life, here is a quick guide on what to buy at 20 years old and above. By learning about the following best purchases in your 20s, you can make your present and future life more comfortable and rewarding at the same time.

1. Budgeting App

This approach might seem out of the box due to the purchase not belonging to a material object. But buying a fully-functional budgeting app can help you put your spending habits as well as your saving goals in order. 

By controlling your expenses and focusing on your savings early in your life, you can feel more comfortable in managing your money later on. This goes a long way towards helping you lead a financially responsible lifestyle in an effortless fashion. 

Recommended budgeting apps:



Personal Capital

2. Luggage

Unless you are planning to lead a lifestyle that is actively wary of travel, you will need to put in a lot of miles for your education, family responsibilities, as well as recreational trips over your 20s. 

By purchasing sturdy luggage, you can ensure to pack and travel for your important trips in an organized manner. To save your money, you can look for luggage in August, when everyone is done with their summer breaks and these items go on discount

3. Coffee Maker

We have all heard the arguments about cutting your daily latte purchases and saving your money. While many of these suggestions seem pretentious and ignorant in their tone, they still have a point about controlling your expenses by changing simple habits. 

By investing in a good coffee maker early in your life, you can have a quality cup of joe right at your home. This also builds your habit of having coffee at home, and makes it one of the best purchases in your 20s.

4. Stocks

When planning what to buy at 20 years old to be more responsible, stocks instantly come to mind. This is a tricky purchase to make as a young adult. But if you invest a tiny portion of your money into up-and-coming stocks that are recommended by experts, you might just make it big in a few years.

While investing your hard-earned cash, make sure that you start with the lowest amount possible. Once you start experiencing gains from your investments, you can dial your investment game up. 

Recommended sites for stocks:


5. Fitness Equipment

No matter if you call yourself a self-proclaimed gym rat or hardly ever think about exercise, working out on a regular basis can help you stay fit. This goes beyond maintaining a certain level of weight and also contributes to your mental health. 

By purchasing fitness equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga mats, you can make sure to work out at home amid your busy schedule. This also forms a habit for exercise and contributes to your wellbeing later in life.

6. Mattress

When looking for the best purchases in your 20s, a mattress spells out necessity in bold letters. By ensuring your comfort at the end of a long day, you can get an optimal level of rest and give your body the care that it needs. 

A bed frame also makes the cut when you are considering what to buy at 20 years old. In turn, you can combine both for these purchases to find discounted deals on them. This also holds true for March and April, when new mattress models hit the stores

7. Cookware

Even when you don’t have any culinary skills that would put TV chefs to shame, it is important that you fire up your stove and practice some cooking in your 20s. Besides helping you save up on meals, it also leads you to healthy eating habits. 

For this purpose, you need to invest in long-lasting cookware that can take more than a few years of use with ease. This allows you to form a routine, feel encouraged to cook, and even improve your skills with time.

8. Food Processor

Continuing on the kitchen theme, a food processor is another one of the best purchases in your 20s. It not only cuts your prep time by more than half in many cases, but also brings a world of convenience to most of your cooking routines. 

In order to get the most out of this purchase, make sure that you get a processor with a few handy attachments and accessories. This also saves you from spending your money on different types of appliances that could be found in one place. 

9. Formal Wear

As you consider what to buy at 20 years old, the need for a formal wear outfit makes its presence known quite easily. From attending professional parties to celebrating family weddings, this purchase comes in handy every now and then. 

Ideally, you should buy a high quality outfit that is versatile enough to suit different occasions. While it might seem expensive, such an apparel choice in sturdy materials and classic designs could last you a few years as well. 

10. Electric Toothbrush

Dental hygiene not only keeps your teeth shining bright, but also prevents various dental as well as medical conditions such as heart disease. On top of it all, it goes a long way towards building your confidence. 

The best part? You don’t have to shell out a fortune to find a high quality electric toothbrush that keeps your pearly whites in ideal condition. By comparing various discounted products from renowned manufacturers, you can find an option that suits you the best.

11. Laptop

With various educational and professional assignments to speed through, a laptop is one of the best purchases in your 20s. It’s because even when you think you can do all of your tasks on your phone, a laptop takes your capabilities to the next level.

For best results, invest in a high quality laptop that can continue to deliver optimal performance for at least a few years. This helps you get the most out of this necessary investment. 

12. Boots

As you enter your 20s, you may already have a pair or two of sneakers. If you purchased them recently, they might even be good enough to last you for a few more years. But sneakers cannot be worn with anything other than casual outfits, which brings you to purchase some boots. 

By choosing the right style, you can pair your boots with semi-formal and even formal outfits with ease. This type of purchase is also meant to stay with you throughout your 20s, which makes it all the more essential and appealing. 

This list allows you to determine what to buy at 20 years old. Once you look at your budget and make smart purchases, it can enable you to find comfort across various occasions throughout your 20s.

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