10 Ways to Watch Live NFL Games Without Cable

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With NFL season now underway, football fans who’ve cut the cord have plenty of streaming options this season. You can watch Sunday afternoon games, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football on CBS/Fox, NBC, and ESPN, respectively.  

Moreover, Thursday Night Football (TNF) NFL games will no longer spread across Fox, NFL, and Prime but air on Amazon Prime exclusively. 

In the same way, the trio of week 12 games will be shown on November 24 across NBC, Fox, and CBS only. 

Newer streaming services such as Peacock and Paramount + will also show some games. 

A cable replacement streaming service guarantees a decent number of games, but most don’t show live local channels. Local games are only available on live channels, so be sure to review the channel lineups before finalizing your subscription. 

Before we highlight the streaming options, here’s some update. 

NFL replaced its Game Pass and Mobile App paid service with NFL+. This new service gives you access to live Sunday afternoon games and national games on Monday and Thursday nights. However, you can only view the games on your tablet or smartphone. 

We also anticipate Fox to show games in 4K HDR, as was the case last year. Usually, Fox produces the games in 1080p and upconverts them for viewers using 4K HDR TVs. We hope the upcoming Super Bowl LVII on Fox will be of high dynamic range. 

Watch NFL Games Without Cable

  1. Amazon Prime

This season Amazon Prime has the exclusive rights to Thursday night NFL action. This is contrary to last year’s case when the games were split across three services. This year’s decade-long deal will see Prime and Twitch stream the “TNF” game each week. The agreement also allows Amazon to show one preseason game annually, meaning that there will be free broadcasts in every game’s local market. 

Amazon will also likely show a few exclusive final games like last year. 

  1. DirecTV Stream

The AT&T TV rebranded to DirecTV Stream offering a $70 per month plan with more than 60 channels. With DirecTV you can watch NFL games on NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN, and ABC. It’s worth remembering that the “Thursday Night Football” games are exclusive on Amazon. 

Also, note that DirecTV Stream doesn’t offer the Sunday Plan, meaning subscribers can’t live stream NFL regular Sunday games. 

  1. FuboTV

The sporty FuboTV plan goes for $70 per month, allowing you access to NBC, Fox, and CBS games. The streaming service also signed a deal last year for ESPN, meaning fans will access “Monday Night Football.” Fubo also has an $11-per month Sports Plus add-on pack and a $100/month Ultimate plan with the NFL RedZone. Essentially, the RedZone shows game replays and highlights for all Sunday matches. 

  1. Hulu + Live TV

This live TV service from Hulu costs about $70 per month, giving you access to Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Hulu+ Live TV also comes with RedZone for an additional $10 monthly subscription. 

  1. Network Apps

You can watch football remotely through mobile apps if you already have a satellite or cable TV subscription. CBS, for instance, has the Sports app available for those subscribed to the pay-TV service. Subscribers can also stream the games through the website. 

Similarly, Fox Sports has the Everywhere app that offers live sports coverage. FoxSports.com also shows NFL games on tablets, laptops, or other streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire Tv. 

You can watch every “Sunday Night Football” on the NBC Sports app and NBCSports.com. Be sure to subscribe to a cable TV, satellite, or cable-replacement service to watch games. This lets you stream all football matches on Xbox game consoles, computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

If you get ESPN via a paid TV, you can access “Monday Night Football” on the ESPN mobile app dubbed “WatchESPN.” The app also delivers additional shows such as “SportsCenter.” There’s also a newer subscription for $10 a month, but you’ll have to wait until 2023 to watch the “Monday Night Football.” ESPN+ will only have one live match this year on October 30, when the Broncos will be facing the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium. The ESPN app is available on computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox game consoles, and streaming players such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV. 

  1. NFL+

NFL+ is the league’s new streaming service replacing NFL Game Pass and Mobile app. NFL+ basic plan costs $5 per month, letting you access the library for all films and watch games live on a tablet or smartphone. The premium subscription costs $10 a month, allowing you access to the Coaches Film, which has all the games and replays. 

Notably, NFL+ has a strict mobile-only limitation, so don’t try casting games on your TV from your smartphone or tablet. 

  1. Paramount+

If you’re a cord-cutter who doesn’t want to miss Sunday afternoon football matches, you can use CBS’ Paramount + streaming service. This service was previously known as All Access and now offers the entire NFL season. Besides the regional Sunday afternoon games, there’s the Wild Card showdown, the championship game, and the divisional playoff contests. Paramount+ also has NFL-related pregame shows such as “Inside the NFL,” moved from Showtime. 

You can access all these games through a $5 monthly add-on subscription or the Premium version for 10 per month. 

  1. Sling TV

Sling TV includes ESPN, NFL, Fox, and NBC. It misses CBS and ABC, meaning that subscribers will miss some Monday Night and Sunday afternoon games. You must also subscribe to the Orange and Blue plans to access all available games. The monthly cost for each plan ranges from $35, but a combined subscription costs $50. Remember, you’re free to add the NFL Red Zone for an additional $11 per month. 

  1. Peacock

NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service shows Sunday Night games to the Premium ($5 a month) and Premium Plus ($10 a month) subscribers. Signing up for the Premium Plus plan gives you access to plenty of ad-free 4K programs. Notably, Peacock has added 4K movies in both subscriptions, but whether NBC will show the upcoming NFL games in 4K remains to be seen. 

  1. 10.YouTube TV

With a $65 YouTube TV monthly subscription, you access over 70 channels plus major networks like Fox Sports and ESPN. As a subscriber, you access all the NFL action plus and the opportunity to include the RedZone. What’s more, you can opt for the latest 4K HDR option for an additional $10 monthly subscription.

Cut The Cord

You don’t need a cable contract to watch football. The providers listed here offer an alternative way to stream NFL Network and ESPN after cutting the cord. The best part is that you don’t need to sign a contract, and you can cancel the plan anytime. Now you can watch live NFL games at about $10 per month and save some cash for other needs.

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