10 Side Hustles For People With Less Than 5 Hours A Week

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It is getting very tough out there. The prices of everything has gone up and some experts think that they will continue to stay up over the next couple of years due to a wide variety of reasons. It is a scary thought because incomes haven’t significantly gone up for many people.

Thankfully, there are many different opportunities out there for people today to supplement their incomes with side hustles.

Putting even a few more weekly hours into a side job might drastically boost your monthly income. It may help you out financially when things at work go awry.

Trying to start a company on the side while still working a full-time job might be difficult. Most individuals don’t have much time for their side hustle success story after working a full-time job, going to school, and taking care of their families.

At least, they think that they do not have the time.

It’s a shame since it doesn’t take long for a hobby to become a paying job.

According to a survey of 2,001 U.S. adults conducted for marketing automation firm Zapier, one-third of us are involved in some kind of informal, on-the-side income generation. A side hustle provides the best of both worlds for those interested in business but still wish to adopt a conservative financial strategy.

It’s never too late to start a side hustle; here are some ideas to consider.

To provide coaching or consulting services to clients online

Statista estimates that the online training and education market will be worth $243 billion in 2022. You may earn an excellent living, coaching or counseling online with specialized knowledge in a particular area.

Of course, it is important to have a skill or knowledge in a specific area that is in demand. It should also be a segment that you are interested in teaching and spending time in as well.

Whether you are looking to create your own blog and then provide specific consulting, remember that it should be something you are fine with doing because you want to do well in it. You do not want to go from one job you don’t like to another job you don’t like so you can merely survive.

Try and ensure that this is a little more interesting and compelling so you can have fun while you do it.

Get typing!

If you’re in front of a computer throughout the day and regularly use your keyboard, put your typing abilities to work after hours performing transcription work. Although specialized fields like legal and medical transcription need more education or training, general transcription work can be a fantastic way to supplement your income with little to no expertise.

Jobs in transcription often need accuracy and speed in text processing.

Go for a stroll with Dogs

Dog walking and pet sitting are great side hustles for animal lovers. Depending on your availability, pet sitting or caretaking might be a low-commitment side hustle that pays well.

To get started, browse local classifieds such as ads on Nextdoor, a social network for others living in the same region. This is a terrific method to discover local jobs, and maybe you’ll meet some of your neighbors in the process.

This is another side employment you may profit from throughout the holidays when many will be traveling. Summer is another ideal time to get your side business rolling.

Social Media and Digital Operations Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) depend highly on outsourcing for much of their digital activities. These firms typically require support with several elements of their operation. It’s not uncommon for businesses to hire outside help for tasks like social media management, website content creation, and data analysis.

Managing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) social media accounts may earn upwards of $58 per hour.

Freelance Graphic Designing

If you have a graphic design background, you may simply shift into freelancing. Several businesses and people require artists to bring their concepts into reality.

You may utilize your graphic design abilities to develop corporate logos, project posters, company cards, and narrative drawings. Additionally, you may accomplish this without leaving your house.

The average hourly income for independent graphic designers is $29 per hour. You already have everything you need to get started if you have access to a graphic tablet or editing software.

Operating an Uber 

Driving for Uber is one of the top-paying side hustles you can start now. Becoming an Uber driver requires almost little effort on your part. To become an Uber driver, you only need access to high-speed internet on your smartphone, a valid driver’s license, and a reliable vehicle.

Using Upwork as a Freelancer

Freelance websites such as Upwork and Freelancer have transformed how professional jobs are conducted internationally.

Skills such as web development, programming, and graphic designing are constantly in great demand. Small businesses often seek freelancers since they can finish jobs at a lower cost. Working as a freelancer might let you take advantage of this demand and generate money. The average freelancer’s hourly salary in the United States is roughly $17.96, but you get to pick your rate on Upwork.

Join Upwork


Has anyone congratulated you for shooting excellent photos? If that’s the case, maybe you may start making money as a photographer right now.

Knowing what makes a beautiful image and having some editing abilities are essential if you want to make this a profitable side gig.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that part-time photographers can expect to earn $17.44 per hour.

If you don’t have one, you will need to invest in a good kit in addition to getting a subscription to a picture editing program.

Consider covering a friend’s birthday celebration or wedding reception. Play around with your picture editing program to discover its ins and outs. Build a portfolio that you may put online for prospective consumers.

Earn money from your photos.


You may simply convert your love for baking (or cooking) into a side enterprise. If you bake often, this is much more so the case.

The average hourly wage for part-time bakers is $13.02 per hour.

Initially, you could take part in the school’s baking sales. Set up a stand at the local farmer’s market or festival where you may sell your baked items.

You may also provide a home-based pick-up service; accept a restricted amount of orders each week. Moreover, you might ask a nearby bakery to sell your cakes or brownies for a modest price.

Pastry recipes from Keikos Cake and Pastry Friends


To sum it up, if your site attracts readers and keeps them coming back for more, you have the potential to make a lot of money. Bloggers typically earn roughly $500-$2000 per month in their first year if they continuously create good material.

Unlike other forms of content creation, blogging doesn’t need constant attention. You’ll require a few hours each week to find, create, and distribute high-quality material. Once you have a regular publishing schedule, you’re set to go.

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Have Fun Earning

Making money in your free time will certainly have an impact on your life. It is necessary to find something you sort of like to do, at the very least. You do not want to burn out. As long as you like what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter which hustle you select – if any. But with these ideas in mind, maybe, there’s something here that catches your interest and will work well for your schedule! Good luck out there!

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